How much do infantry regiments differ?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by The_Pur3, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Good afternoon and thanks for taking your time to ponder my question.

    I've been very interested in joining the Army as an Officer sometime in the future (once I've finished my education). Although I have years until I take the plunge and go for AOSB, I'd like to consider which Infantry regiment (thanks for the correction) I would be best suited to and perform my best in.

    One statement that I often seen in advice given is that peoples experiences will depend on the regiment they join (in the context of asking how much they'll enjoy being a ____). Is this to say that the people and personalities differ greatly between infantry regiments, and without trying to insult, that some are possibly better/more professional than others? I'm loosely drawn towards 1 MERCIAN (that being the local infantry body) geographically being in Cheshire, but my town being a working-class Mancunion area which makes me a pretty big mis-fit in a distinctly middle-class college.

    If more information about myself helps; I have an interest in global affairs and history, and I stick out like a sore thumb for my anti-PC views which I express readily in class discussion.

    To summarize, to what extent do infantry regiments differ when it comes to the soldiers personalities and approach to the job? And if I may also ask, what should I look for in an infantry regiment, and, what should they look for in me?

    And thankyou for the effort you're putting into current ops, some of us haven't forgotten HM's forces sacrifices.
  2. Surely you mean Regiment.
    Depends on you I presume. If I were you (I was once in your dilemma) I would research the history and traditions of the regiments and see what sounds best. "Or you could pick the ones with nicer uniforms" :wink:

    All Guards regiments-very rich history (very nice mess') however if ceremony is not your cup of tea then not for you.
    theres too many for me to specify but your other "normal" regiments are all professional but have their own quirks. Just find out what they are and base your decision on that (try and arrange some regimental visits/fam visits with your liason officer-if you have one. they help a lot)
  3. I would suggest going to all the regiments you are considering and see what the soldiers and officers are like.

    The jobs as far as I know are all very similar, the thing which will make or break a regiment for me therefore is the attitude of the people I will spend the time with
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Every battalion is different from every other battalion, even if they're in the same regiment. Sometimes the differences are subtle, sometimes obvious. Social 'class' and accent are not used as criteria for selecting officers nowadays so don't get hung up on the idea that your background will preclude you from joining a particular regiment: it won't. Oh, and foot guards battalions aren't all about 'ceremony': they're about soldiering as armoured, mechanised and light-role infantry.

    Try to get on as many familiarisation visits as you can to see what they are like and what they do. You aren't finally committed until towards the end of the commissioning course so there is plenty of time.

  5. Thats a bit of a dangerous question to be asking.

    Remember that you will need to get into Sandhurst long before you choose an Infantry regiment and although you are asked for your preferences on your application you do not commit to a particular regiment until [awaits correction] the second term.

    With this in mind; there are certain qualities that are looked for at AOSB, however there is no "model officer." Some or all of these qualities will either be innate in you or not. If you try and emulate them you will very quickly be discovered due to the nature of the stressful testing at AOSB.

    In short, you can't pretend to be a leader of men so don't try to act/behave how you think you should. BE YOURSELF at AOSB and on your FAM visits (onto which i strongly suggest you get yourself loaded.)

    WRT choosing a particular an extent I echo the sentiments of the other posters, though i'd be a bit dubious about choosing a regiment based on who has "the best history and traditions."

    I do however agree that its well known that different regiments have different "quirks," and that familirisation visits are essential for getting the feel of your prospective choices.

    Did i mention FAM visits...?!?! :wink:

    Edited to add DAMN theses slovenly fingers! CPUNK beat me to it, however i'd like to think that he broadly agrees with what i've said!
  6. Mate - they are all the same. Manned by entry level criminals and 'officered' by a mixture of half decent blokes down to complete imbeciles.

    Soldiers personalities - do they differ? Hell yeah, soldiers from Liverpool steal, most other Northern Regiment soldiers are pretty good at selling small pills at nightclubs, Scottish Regiment soldiers will stab you or push a bottle into your neck for the slightest reason and Southern soldiers are pretty good at cookery and sewing.

    Job is pretty much the same mundane routine in any regiment with the excitment of Op tours thrown in.

    Get online, check out which has the sexiest and least ridiculous looking uniform, see who is due a sunshine tour and join them