How much difference can I make to my physique in 6 weeks?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by andrewb19, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I expect to be doing my selection in around 6 weeks time, so I have been developing a training program. I'm not particularly fat or overweight, but nor am I toned or slim. Just wondering what kind of impact 6 weeks training could have on my build - need to drop a few lbs in all honesty.

    Training wise, I thinking 3-4 mile runs 5x per week and upper body circuits every other day.
  2. ...and lay off the Ginsters and coke! Burn off more cals than you consume and eat rabbit food.
  3. I've been on a diet for the last 6 weeks (weight watchers) and lost 20lbs.
  4. I would say running 5 times a week is a bit much. You dont want to burn out. 2-3 times a week doing about 4 miles is fine. On the other days concentrate on upper body exercises such as Press ups, Chins and Ab exercises. Take on plenty of water and try to make sure your diet is made up of decent carbs (pasta, jacket spuds etc) and protein (Chicken breast, lean turkey etc).
  5. Do they send the 'Fit for the Army' DVD and fitness program for guys joining the regular ranks?
    If not I'll scan the one I have and post it on here. Its not bad for varying upper body, legs and cardio work to get you to PFT standard (or hopefully better). me I need it at the mo.
  6. If you goto your careers office, they will give you a booklet with good info on training and a big poster with a training programme at the bottom. Use that as a basis and add things to it. I have done exactly this and i have got my 1.5 mile time down from 12:02 to 9:35 in 4 weeks!
  7. Thats a hell of a drop!
  8. Don't worry about physique. It takes something like 6 months to reset your metabolic rate.

    Concentrate on performance and the rest will follow.
    In 6 weeks say 7-15 hours a week. You could be very very fit
  9. This is from the RMAS fitness guide, it may help.
  10. Could you post up-to-the-minute pics of your sweaty body.

    Just so we can all check your progress :wink:
  11. Parky_boy

    Check pm.
  12. Brian Clough had a nice saying - "Don't leave your best performance on the training field". Psychologically you need to have plenty left, so it's always a balance.
  13. I was thinking about my body and how i want to lose x amount of body fat and look like a chiselled Greek god, but at the end of the day it's best to concentrate on the fitness and the body will follow.

    To get fit you need to eat a good diet, if you don't do that you will end up getting little or no gains from training and your body won't change. If you eat well and train hard, then both will come progressively together.

    Don't expect miracles in a matter of weeks, but keep striving and keep working, and your reward will be so worth it.
  14. Get your arrse down Greggs on a daily basis mate. You'll see the difference in a week.
  15. throw your brain in a skip and shed a backbone,you,ll be a lot lighter and perfect for the r.m.p.