How much did you pay for your last pint?

That wasn't my last pint. I'm going to have another very soon.


£3.10. It`s £2.45 during the week, the thieving bastards. No wonder the place is empty at weekends.
£1.50 because I get a student discount! In fact, it's the only reason I'm doing this degree.
£1.80 for Sam Smith's Old Brewery Bitter in York. (20p at home)
1.70 Wye Valley bitter. Happy hour in The Barrels
euro 4.20 and that is the pub price nothing it any wonder I have to restrict myself to a mere 8 every night, worlds gone mad I tell you!. oh and 9.20 for twenty B&H
I just thought I should point out 'militaryfanatic' is buying beers for Arrse members in lieu of saluting officers.

Blackcoffeemafia also offered free beer a few days ago.

I'm like the Martin Lewis of Arrse these days...
£4.50 from memory. It was in quite a posh bar in Belfast though and work picked up the tab for the rest of the evening after the warm up there so I got absolutely destroyed for £25.
6/- for a pint of 'heavy', but I'm Scots with short arms & deep pockets.
Last to the bar and first to the toilet.

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