How much did you get paid by the Army last year?


You may like to put up a poll for this.

Too much..
around £5000 plus bounty, only know cause the mrs has been told to get a job earning more than that and I'll leave TA
^ Exactly what i told her indoors, she seems to forget that she would not have the car or the 2 weeks in the Canaries if I was to wrap it.
Not too sure. It must be in the region of a few Thousand, Plus the Bounty. I'll clarify when I get my P60.

The record probably goes to Balldrick. He had nearly 200 days clocked up, last training year.
about £800. Didn't get my bounty even though I was unreliably informed I'd get it because I completed all TAFS and CMSR in that training year. Oh well!
Shoulda got it if you've done your days and have completed all ITD's, you're effectively trained. I did but only because I got my PSAO on side who happened to agree with me. Try it.
Just over £7,500 not including bounty. But then I have been working almost full time since the end of November. Oh and a couple of grand in travel!
Posted UPLA may 2005 with the "come play" if i could manage it.... "if i play for the min days can i quailfy for my bounty?" ie camp and courses, NO. Without the payment of travel from Germany added it looked like a loser. No encouragement to make the effort,so, stayed in the fatherland. Spoke last week and.. "due to the fact that things have changed IF you had done the min last year you would have been eligable for your bounty" A right kick in the nuts when a) was willing b)2 week course/camp made it cost effective and c) the money is not the main reason for doing my TA job, but i'll not pay for this HMG to take liberties. Have spent 15yrs with my sqn and have given as much if not more than many there, just FMOff that im told one thing on departing for a 2 year "sabatical" and finding out the hard truth. UPLA = unlucky pal, life's arrse! Just feel that i've been dry bummed and it cost ME £3/3500.
About £8k, not inc bounty.

100ish days.
Bravo_Bravo said:
UK_Storm_Trooper said:
220 days + Holiday Money
You get paid in days?

Bugger that, I'm sticking to pound notes.
You get paid in pound notes ?

Bugger that I'm sticking to pound coins :)
what's wrong with £ notes? we in Jockland can still get them, you can get an awful lot of Smarties for what I got. 110 days at stupid amount per day.

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