How much did the changeover of Fox - Hammond cost the MOD?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jim30, Oct 18, 2011.

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  1. I was struck today by the 'Oceania is always at war with Eurasia' style dissapearance of Dr Foxes face and photos from across wide swathes of the MOD. Given that a lot of money was spent on reprographics budgets and staff time last year putting up lots of gucci photos of him, how much money is about to be wasted in taking a new set of photos and distributing them of our new SofS?

    I cant help feeling a little hacked off that at a time when we are expected to be saving every penny, money has now got to be found, and staff time allocated, to changing the photo of the man at the top. Given the cost is likely to be hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, am I alone in hoping that Mr Fox perhaps offers to foot the bill, which is of his own making, instead of expecting Defence to make one final payment for his foolishness?
  2. perhaps a cheaper way would be to install a few digital photo frames from Dixons?

    ...or better still, just project the current incumbent's face onto a wall in the Atrium?

  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Why do they need pictures of anyone except H.M. The Queen and Prince Philip Duke of Edinbourgh?
    It's not Dr Fox's or Hammond MO.O.D it's H.M's
  4. Whatever it cost, it cost TOO MUCH. Fox was, and still is, a flawed twerp and epitomises, or epitomised, the shallow nothingness of Cameron's government. Cameron, for whom I worked so hard, is a GIGANTIC disappointment in every respect relating to the governance of this nation.

    Never ever, no, not ever, will I vote Tory again.

    I cannot vote for a party run and controlled by the unions and therefore it is UKIP from now on - at every opportunity.
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  5. I agree with syrup. Why do all the various sub departments around MB need photographs of the SofS? Also, don't forget all the H&S Policy Statements across the whole of Defence that will require a new signature block!!
  6. Don't forget all the websites that will need updating too.

    Budget for a middle range 5 figure sum to cover it all I'd say.
  7. I sometimes wish you had been struck by The Oceanna, assuming there is still a f- big ship of that name.

    Only a few days ago you were singing the praises of Dr Fox late of this parish, saying he was the best boss ever (or words to that effect). Now you question how much he has cost the budget through his foolishness. Well I am guessing that not many COs will be racing around finding piccies of the new S of S, but far more career civil serpants will be anxious to show their loyalty and admiration.

    I aslo suspect that the cost will pale into insignificance compared to the costs of all the MoD News/Focus/paperclips etc periodicals that are littered around propping up wonky coffee table legs (and yes, for balance I include Soldier magazine in that group)
  8. I'm sorry.... Dr who? Fox? Never heard of him.
  9. Funny you should ask that. Back in the time when malcolm rifkind was Secretary of State for Defence he went to Lancaster house for a shin dig with a few people: all the defence representatives of the Embassies to be exact.

    I had the pleasure of opening the door for him, where-upon, the great man spoke to me, words that I shall never forget: Good evening Corporal!

    Surrounded by some meaning looking dudes he walked up and at the entrance my RMP London District colleague politely asked him if he had an invitation.

    No replied.

    That is ok sir, could you show me the letter then?

    He replied, I do not have a letter.

    My valiant female colleague then stepped in front of him and told him that as did not have a letter nor invitation she would not admit him.

    I was impressed, gob smacked and slightly nervous.

    He then asked her what was the function, she replied, A reception hosted by the Secretary of State for Defence.

    BUT I AM THE Secretary of State for Defence.

    My regular RMP colleague took a couple of steps backwards, hand over mouth and tumbled over the potted plants, legs akimbo, worthy of the Lady thread, no gsh shots.

    Photos are needed!
  10. But Hammond has always been SofS.
  11. It all seemed to start with a picture of CO and RSM in guardroom after Pte Jock Numbnutts failed to recognise boss.

    It seemed to spiral from there, made worse by by initiatives like IiP (Investing In Paperwork) which demanded that Storeman Numbnutts had to fully understand Chief of Defence Logistic's intent and be able to recognise who he was, where he lived and how he took his coffee.
  12. I personally don't give a toss who the old or new SofS is or looks like.

    For years I thought Dr Fox was the bloke that done the charts on Radio One.
  13. How about just having some scribble boards set up around MB, and allow staff to draw their own likeness?

    Here's one I prepared earlier...

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  14. Hammond? Is that the short guy off Top Gear?

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  15. Great mac for bopping flies BTW. Shiny paper allows a clean wipe away of the deceased.