How much could I earn on Mobilisation?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cjays, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. Hey all,

    I am due to go to Afgahn next year and I am worried as to whether I can afford to take the time out of work.

    I know it depends on a lot of factors such as my civvie wage and lots of other things, but I need to start thinking about just how much I might earn while I'm over there.

    I have tried to speak to my RAO and my unit's Admin dept. but they can only give me small ammounts of information, and it's generally things I know or have found out myself.

    My burning question to (mainly) the guys and girls who have deployed before, what kind of total amount would I expect to have earnt by the end of my tour?

    Any help in giving me ideas of an amount and how it breaks down would be perfect.

  2. It depends. If your civvie wage is more than your wage as a soldier, then your pay will be made up to equate to your civvie wage. If you have other expenses, such as requiring a gardener to look after the garden whilst you are away, you need to arrange for childcare, etc, then extra payments will be arranged at RTMC.
    Nobody is going to be able to give you an exact figure until you arrive at RTMC and do your admin stuff.
  3. Just got back last week myself Mate.

    I got my wage made up to match my Civvie pay, plus I got allowances to pay for someone to walk my dogs! Result.

    The civvie pay thing is a definite, proving you don't earn a fortune, any extra allowances are dependant on you getting quotes, and subsequently providing receipts to prove you actually paid for the services.

    In addition, of course, expenses aat home will reduce, for example, the food bill went down drammatically, and every little helps eh?

    My employer were (still are in fact as I don't de-mob until April)paid the difference between what they normally pay me and what they had to pay a contractor to replace me, so they were laughing as well.

    You can get plenty of info from SABRE.
  4. pm me you particulars and ill let you know what ball park figure you will be looking at
  5. you wont make a profit put it that way.

    your paid the rate for your rank or your civi wage (whichever is higher) plus LOA and a few other allowances.

    you can claim for various things during your tour that you would have done yourself eg: childcare, school runs using taxi's, window washing etc. Any out of pocket expenses resulting from your absence should be repaid but i emphasise only with receipts.

    Dont expect to make money out of the tour but also dont expect to lose it either.
  6. Im sorry, did you say childcare/gardening/dog walking?

    I know your volunteering etc but WTF????

    My childcare on my last tour cost me a total of £800 a month.

    Yes im a regular and my wife is at home but surely childcare etc is something you would have to pay if you were at home or away?

    Im not trying to bait anyone, just interested/shocked, I promise!
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    If it is an expense that you would NOT pay if you were not mobilised, and it's reasonable, then it is proably allowable.

    Seems perfectly fair, really. They want you, they have to pay for you.
  8. Check out the Sabre website ..
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    If I am at home, I mow the lawns of Duke mansions. If I am not at home, I will pay one of those charming tradesman types to do it. One would not expect The_Duchess to manage it with 2 small kids in tow.
  10. Both I and my wife work fulltime but my hours allow me to collect my sons from school at the end of their day - the upshot of being away for six months was a bill for 2 hours per day, for three boys, five days per week for four-ish of the six months. Somewhere heading for two and a half grand, which would have been an 'extra' on top of my normal childcare costs.

    On the other hand, in terms of money in the bank, whilst I came home to a bank account which was slightly more overdrawn than the one I left behind, the regular major with whom I shared a corimec, let out his house, had no dependents and effectively lived out of the DFAC for 6 months. He probably went home to a 20K lump sum...
  11. Nope - it is possible, just harder. You need to take a letter from your accountant (which, admittedly, is a problem if you do your own accounts) showing the normal earnings and expenses of your company.

    I also took a letter from my current main contract stating that, if I was not deploying, I would expect to be employed x days per month at £y per day and evidence of my expenses for that work (just as you need to do if you are claiming any additional allowances.)

    Not a problem in theory, although actually getting the payments sorted out did take a couple of pay runs (and it did help that I had had a couple of short deployments before the longer one so they knew me.) However, I believe the RTMC RAO has changed since I last mobbed, so things may be slightly different.

    pm if you need more details. Although, yes, you do go on to PAYE, like everybody else, and that does hurt compared to dividend - but it's only the NI ...
  12. Well I am an RLC L/Cpl, so I'd get my usual £49 per day. In my civvi job, i earn about £1500 per month on average.

    No sproggs or dogs to depend on me, and our lass has her own income.

    So is there anythin I could have missed? anythin else that I should be claiming for?
  13. You will get:

    Civvie pay (including any bonuses or pay rises if you can get your employer to write you a letter confirming it)
    What you would have earned for TA in a normal (non mobilised) month
    All the LSA, FOB living allowances etc that your reg colleagues get
    LOA during pdt if you are in Germany
    Your TA bounty
    Your tax free op allowance (same as the regs)
    + any of the sabre allowances as above

    So in answer, you will earn what you earn in civvie street + some more.

    Unless your missus needs lots of retail therapy/major holiday when you get home you will definitely have money in the bank at the end of the tour, particularly as all your personal costs will be virtually zero (unless you are in Bastion and spend all your free time shuttling between pizza hut and internet shopping for 6 months)

    Edited to say: Just realised that you are self employed. Don't know the rules for that but Chilwell are really helpful nowadays (very different from 2003!) so any worries, give their G1 cell a call asap and find out from them what paperwork you need to take. Always best to go direct to them rather than getting questions answered secondhand through your chain of command who frequently dont know the rules as they arent working on them daily.
  14. It is about the only thing that we get that regs dont. On the other hand, although we are 'regulars' while mobilised we dont get access to a married quarter, subsidised schooling for kids etc.

    Again - not trying to bait anyone - just commenting