How much combat have you done as a sapper?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by BornSlippy, May 23, 2008.

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  1. Now I am just about to complete my application form and an armored engineer is what I want to be and before you ask me, yes I do love Gregg's breakfast pastries. Im wondering how much patrolling/combat you have done as a sapper as I don't want to be stuck at base constantly fixing things, I do actually want to get 'out there' once in a while!

    Please I beg of you, serious answers please! :D
  2. Oh for fucks sake... whats the problem
  3. Loads. The Zone is awesome.
  4. Combat? You wash and iron them on a very frequent basis :roll:
  5. I try and use it on a regular basis, however, the bandwith is not to good with the current system

    I hear that BCIP 5 will enhance the capability and make it so much more user freindly.
  6. Oh god!!!! **** it then i've just written down armoured engineer as my first option but tbh i cant think of much i can or would like to do as my second option. I thought general fitter but i got told there being phased out/not really wanted. Only other option ive thought about is doing something in the infantry.
  7. oh and btw i dont know if you guys are just taking the piss but ive got the feeling you think im a journalist... :roll:
  8. Ask to be a figure 11 target. Not the most interesting job, however regularly needed. In fact esential for operational training :wink:
  9. :crying:

    Said who?
  10. Journalist? Don't flatter yourself.

    Attention seeking scrote? Now we're getting somewhere.
  11. born slippy....i have just sat for about 10 minutes staring at your picture on the left....Unbelievable set that is....

    unfortunately i know sod all about armoured engineers....
  12. Attention seeking scrote??

    I just want some f'king help before i send off my application form. thnx alot.
  13. ever heard of the search button?
  14. Ahh the farmers

    Used to drink lots of Lager in a place called Munster

    Now they share a camp but don’t "Honne" it

    Hope that helps :wink: