How much can JPA take back in one go.

It will probably come as no suprise that my pay has been incorrect under JPA.

Anyway, when the JPA police come knocking, what are the rules regarding grabbing back what I owe them. Is there any truth in what I have been told.

'They can take upto 50% of main bank pay in one go. However this can only be from a UK bank account payment'

So any info on facts and figures would be helpful, as no doubt they will as always manage to claim it back just in time for xmas!

i've had this recently. official explanation was that there would be an entry on my pay statement (which appeared in july) then they would take it back starting two months later, maximum of four days gross pay per month.

but then another amount (incorrect CILOCT) was just taken straight out - over £500 - so no idea why this occurred, i just bit the bullet rather than moan about it.
Its called an NT Overissue.

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