How much can be taken??

Starting at the beginning..

In January I put in a claim for an advance of fees to pay for hotel accomodation (using the wonder that is JPA) which was payed into my account. ( 4 weeks after submitting the claim and on the day before I checked into the hotel but thats another story)

So, near as dammit £680 in my bank, and off I go for 2 weeks 'work attachment' for resettlement.

Fast forward three weeks and I get back to work off leave, send a copy of the completion cert and the hotel bill (some £700 odd) to the clerk via internal mail, as suggested by clerk.

In the meantime, lose original hotel receipt (I know, Idiot)

Come end of march, heard nothing, pay is normal (except still being on 'BR' for tax, another long and painfull story) and none the wiser to any problems.

Mid April, fianlly get access to terminal that can access JPA in guardroom (now on Guardshift as shift commander, Pain in the backside trying to get away to sort out menial stuff like personal admin)

Find that advance had been audited, think nothing of it, as I forwarded the required paperwork...ho hum, we do like to trust snail mail..

Fast forward again, this time to right now, no paper payslip as yet due to troop admin being notoriously rubbish at forwarding mail and not being able to get over to them to collect mail, check internet banking...

Pay this month is near as dammit £680 short!!!

I'm therfore assuming that on audit, the paper work for the advance hadn't been completed, and I was to repay my 'debt' with which I have no arguement, if it is justified..

What I do have issue with is almost £700 being withheld in one go! It seems a bit much, and its a good job that I waited out on agreeing to put down a deposit on a (rental) property!

So, is this an amount that is perfectly acceptable and normal to be deducted in one swoop, or do I have a case for going and jumping up and down on someones desk tomorrow??
First of all I'm pretty sure there are guidelines in place as to how much they can take (or at least leave you with per month), and I think 700 quid in one go does sound excessive.

Secondly, couldn't you get a replacement copy of your hotel bill if you contacted the hotel? They will have it on file.

JPA is designed to automatically recover the full amount of the advance from your pay 30 days after the end date you put on the advance.

You need to; get hold of a copy of the receipt and then go into JPA and make the claim for your trip. An advance is is just what is says on the box, an estimated amount to start you off, you now need to make the full claim for; NS, DS, IE and any mileage.
Seems reasonable to me. You took an advance. As far as the system is concerned you did not legitimately spend the money. So they took the money back.

Now what make sit unreasonable is your lack of access to JPA. That said, I am sure you were told in no uncertain terms that claims are now auditable and that you must keep reciepts.

In my opinion the single biggest mistake with JPA implementation was the assumption that everyone would be able to access it regularly. That might be almost true in the RAF but is certainly not even close to true in the Army.
Was that advance for the hotel for resettlement? If that is the case weren't you were entitled to claim 80% of the fees before you set off. This also includes 80% of the PIE. Not as an advance of pay but as part of your resettlement fees. Just finished my resettlement and that's how my RAO dept interpreted it.

Interestingly enough one of the courses I did had RAF on it and they told me (am I being naive?) that they claim 100% of the hotel fees up front.
As far as i was aware as of a few month ago the resettlement system changed and you weren't allowed to claim for accommodation. Previous threads talk about it i think.

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