How much are you worth?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by nebapneb, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. Beeb Linky

    now i've got to lose about 2st or so
    to get down to where i want to be
    anyone know where i can sign up for my £126,000?

    some of us will be millionaires
    eh fatties?
  2. Well according to the missus I'm worth 4 fifths of fuckall :lol:
  3. My missus carcass must be worth nearly two mil. Time to off the fat ugly cnut.
  4. I'm worth the Mortgage, cars, bankloan being paid off, if i croak!!...........SHIT don't tell Queen_Chimp!! or i'm History!!!
  5. I'm worth the National Debt of a third-world country.
  6. Sooooo, if I went and had hippo-suction, I could then sell the fat on and make a small profit.
    Now where's my passport?
  7. Best post on entire forum.........will contribute £20 to Hols4Heroes as a mark of sincere respect..........
  8. 10 stone of prime muscle and a throbbing serpent that could break the back of most hookers

    i guess im worth nowt!

    too skinny for max factor
  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Being the fcuking essence Edonis that I am, I'm afraid I wouldn't be much use to these people.
  10. Well, I have lost a bit of weight while I was away. If I went treking to Peru I would probably come back skinny but at least not skint........ah gringos....
  11. Damn, I would not get much for myself and now I am regretting all those years thinking fatties were worthless good for nothings. At lunchtime I am off to McD's for a treble quarter pounder meal (or rather meals), large please.

    Mind you I will take great delight next time Mrs A applies her lotions and potions telling her she is smearing some fat persons buttocks and/or thighs all over her face!
  12. I am worth an awful lot mroe dead than alive.

    And I mean that in terms of financially, and contribution to the community.
  13. 10 bob and a balloon off the table on your way out :(
  14. And I'll contribute the savings I make in Findus crispy pancakes and Dominos Pizza once I've sold the whore.
  15. Surely that should be "I'm off to McDonald's to find some suitable bodies for a future (and large) financial transaction...."?