How much are you worth in bed??

$1056 per hour

Only thing wrong with that test was, it didnt ask if I was part lezzer !

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That's a bit more than I earn at the moment. I didn't discuss employment as a gigolo with my resettlement advisor, but I might have missed a trick there!

One thing is for certain; neither Bovvy nor I are ever going to be IT whizz-kids! :D



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$1040 Beats a state pension anyday :D
only 979? I wonder where it went t!ts up in the test
$1,148. The missus has banned me from going to America unless I buy her a Merc with the proceeds.

It's a dirty job... I hope.
$1,163, im gonna start charging the other half.............and his mates.
$1,040 per hour.

I may have done better if I'd looked up "eclectic" and if there'd been an option "Looks like spilled ink."

Still, I may offer the wife a quick snog in return for Full English in bed in the morning.
I think I lost marks as there wasnt an option for nipple piercing.

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