How much action/travel does one expereice in the Kings Troop RHA?


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I told you birds love horses.

Bloody genius me.
As an amusing aside, I once had to stitch up the lower lip of one of the RHA, he'd been trying to teach his horse to take sugar lumps from his lips, what a plonker.
KT get to be augmentees for other RA units, but with a forthcoming return to contingency, I wouldn't pin my hopes on going there and doing much else than ceremonial.

Of course, you only ever need so many stable hands, so there is scope to get away and do courses etc, but if you want to be on exercise or even deploying, then do that. If you REALLY want to be in the Army, but only really do Horsey stuff and the occassional green kit forray, then KT could be for you.

I have had several KT soldiers and NCOs under my command at various appointments in my career and they were all professional and as good (or bad) as the next gunner.

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