How MP Support Operations

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Sorry, what were you expecting?
  2. "mentoring and advising as part of the Police Mentoring and Advisory Group"
    Well **** me, who'd have thought eh?
  3. The piece gives a fairly concise report on what the RMP get up to regarding Herrick. I found it interesting. No, I lie, the wife and sprog are watching some utter shite called 'Jersey Shore' which seems to revolve around drunken slags, of both sexes, getting there kit off and puking. As such, the report was VERY interesting. Now, I'm hitting the brandy.
  4. Good plan.
  5. MP get universally trashed on most threads. I was expecting the same and yet, our blokes out there are putting it on the line and NO, I have not been to Bastion, but I would like to see some squaddies either dish the dirt or just possibly spurt the truth.

    What struck me from the article was that MP are soldiers first, but with an underlying obligation to the law, how far... ordinary... soldiers can respect that would be interesting to know.
  6. Say what you see.

  7. Reverse engines....

    What dirt are you looking for?
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  8. The RMP do a difficult job very well out in that shit hole.

    Research the role of 'Coroners Officer', coz that's probably the worst task they have to carry out. And I don't envy them.
  9. Look at my profile. I am not.
  10. Why would I bother 'looking you up'? You're a no-mark who posted a thread and sat back hoping to catch the odd spurt. Take a step back and look at what the RMP do on operations these days.

  11. Thank you for that exercise in intelligence. You speak for yourself I see.
  12. Yeah I do; I certainly don't look for easy shots at other people's expense. Why don't you take a trip out there. Maybe then you'll know what goes on.
  13. No mention of arresting Royals strangely enough!