How many wives have you had?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Flagrantviolator, Oct 26, 2011.

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  1. Just wondering how many of you feelthy pigs have been divorced, and how many times?
  2. I have had many wives, but only one of my own. Never been divorced. Happy now, then go away and stop asking stupid pointless questions.
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  3. Once was enough.

    I was wondering just recently if the divorce rate in the Forces was still as high as it was in the 80's, when so many seemed to get married just to get out of the block.
  4. Got divorced once and then widowed, so I've had two, but I think I'll give the marriage lark a miss, I'm 76 this year and a bit shop worn.
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  5. Worn? Have you spent some time hanging about in "shop" windows in Amsterdam?
  6. Its never too late mate, there s plenty of GILF out there:)
  7. This area is crawling with them.
  8. Show and tell, loser-boy. Put your cards on the table and you MIGHT get a better response. Or just fuck off nosey bastard.
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  9. Just the one, 25 years married in April 2012
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  10. 3. Of my own. But then I am an on-and-off pishhead with a dirty mouth and a penchant for pierced teenagers. Only had one before I de-mobbed, other two came later. Just wondering about the rates, is all. Kind of a chicken and egg thing. Army stresses cause divorce, or army attracts broken, socially inept degenerates with bad tempers and drinks problems.
  11. One is enough! After spending half a lifetime training this one to do what I want, why should I add to my troubles by starting the process all over again!
  12. Two successful marriages behind me and now one that will see me to the grave - one way or another, you don't mess with orientals.
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  13. One thusfar although probably not for much longer, and it looks like that I've got no. 2 lined up. If I am right about her then I will have no reason to take Mrs H_M no.3.
  14. Hah, look at the bottom of the page! Ever been to the Dominican Republic? You don't have to, as they'll ship them right to your door. Result!