How many Volunteers do you think I could get to kick this scumbags face in?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Abdiel, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. I'm talking about a complete Cunt who threw a brick into a four year old girls face after her father asked them to stop kicking a football against his van.
    Not been caught yet as he vanished after throwing the Brick.
    Bet he thinks he's facking nails!

    Thugs hurl brick in 4-year-old Jersey-Lou Perry's face in Grimsby | Mail Online

    Oh yes and feel free to elaborate on what you would do to this Tosser if you got your hands on him.
  2. Looks like shes been kicked enough.
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  3. Jersey-Lou ?
    Hasn't the poor kid suffered enough already?
  4. i would gently tap his head with the corner of a brick, lots. Until cerebal fluid was seen.

    Then I'd cut his genitals off and feed them to the lions at London zoo. The for sh1ts and giggles I'd throw him in to the piranha tank.

    Seriously though, find this cnut, and announce to the remainder of the cons what he did, then put him in a cell with Bronson.

    The wee lass probably wasn't the target, but it is about time now that Judges started stamping on this b0llocks. Right now. Any lawyer that stands up to protect this scum should be slapped.

    Not interested in how he wasn't hugged or he had a 'tough' upbringing. He thought it was acceptable behaviour to throw a brick in to a vehicle. Wrong answer fella. Take 20 years. (pour encourager les autres).

    The other scum in the group can take 35, to ensure such naughtiness is reported to the authorities in a timely manner next time.
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  5. This sounds too lenient to me!
  6. On the BBC news web A 17 year old lad has been arrested hope he falls down a few stairs in the nick.
  7. After a 'phone book assisted interview!
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  8. They should just be rounded up, put against a wall in all their finest chav bling, and then executed on national television by a firing squad who will give them one in each kneecap and after twenty seconds of agony, one in the chest to finish them off.

    This should be broadcast in the morning assemblies of schools so kids can see just what will happen should they choose the life of chavness over the life of a normal person.

    Guaranteed, next non-uniform day will be tracksuit-free one!

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  9. The yob should be sterilised, publicly flogged and branded on the forehead with the words "I wet the bed, have a small penis and hurt small children"
  10. What? With this country's financial problems, you want to waste 2 bullets on them? Just shoot them once and let the fuckers bleed out. Give 'em time to reflect on why lobbing bricks is a bad thing.
  11. Subject of which, let's look at our legal system.

    He threw a brick in to a moving vehicle.

    Attempted murder, end of.

    Lawyer 'but he didn't intend to hurt anyone, lets change it to something a little moreminor, he wasn't hugged by his dad you know'

    Judge 'did he throw a brick at a moving car?'

    Lawyer 'yes, but..'

    Judge 'no, fcuking butts you cnut. Shut your trap. Take him down for 20 years hard labour. We,ll address the other crime (injuring with intent) later, we've got 20 years to do it'.
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  12. Are the gentlemen and ladies of Arrse familiar with "Death Of A Thousand Cuts"? A modern twist on this is to alternate the cutting with a generous application of cheap vodka to the open areas.

    In seriousness - I favour the approach of making sure his fellow inmates are aware of the details of his crime. Install a high quality video and sound recording system in this ingrate's cell, leave the door unlocked and have items like pool cues, glass bottles and razor blades casually left around the prison for a few days.

    Pour whatever is left into a jam jar when everyone has exercised their frustrations and tour the jam jar around Britain's high schools with the footage. As someone above already said - tracksuit and medallion sales should plummet almost immediately.
  13. Ah the classic Vic Mackey method with a stanley knife thrown in the good measure. As CF said this little twat and those like him need to be examples of to make their scumbag mates think twice before acting in a similar manner. I think launching a brick at a child's head is enough for attempted murder so 20 years on that anthrax island up in Scotland should do it and the taxpayer won't have to waste cash keeping him in a cage.
  14. Why the volunteers? Aren't you brave enough to take on some chavy teenager by yourself?

    FFS, some oiky tosser gets brave and lobs a brick at the window of a moving van. Shall we fire up the Outrage bus for that? It's hardly like he's a Swindon Taxi driver is it?

    Anyway, the dad should have been bricked repeatively in the face for giving his daughter such a fucking stupid name
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  15. Why waste one bullet? The Cambodians made do with plastic bags :)