How many VCs has the Royal Signals?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine, Oct 2, 2005.

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  1. I can't seem to find out if the the Royal Signals has any VC's - can anyone help?
  2. I'm not aware of the any in regular units but many Yeomany TA Sig Sqns have them
  3. Can we list them?
  4. We don't have any, closest we've come to one was a George Cross.
  5. If the Yeomanry Sigs have them, why aren't they included? I know that if a VC was awarded to a TA soldier the Reg Infantry, Engineers and Arty they still claim them.
  6. didn't speckled jim win one
  7. 47 (Middlesex Yeomanry) Sig Sqn (V)

    LAFONE, Alexander Malins - 1/1st County of London Yeomanry

    WATSON, Oliver Cyril Spencer - 1st County of London Yeomanry

    94 (Berkshire Yeomanry) Sig Sqn (V)

    POTTS, Frederick William Owen - Berkshire Yeomanry

    I think its claimed by the (regular/yeomanry) regiment they were in at the time, i.e. taked Capt Albert Ball, the Royal Flying Corps claim his, although he wasn't in the RFC but attached RFC from a TA Regt of the Sherwood Foresters, the TA Regt he was badged is now Royal Engineers (although 87 Sig Sqn took on most of the ex Robin Hoods @ SDR). Another VC from that TA Regt is claimed WFR/Sherwood Foresters, weird
  8. There have been no awards of the VC to Signallers - or indeed to RE Signallers before the Corps was founded.
  9. The pigeon? Think it was in sodier mag last year.. whats the medal called?
  10. The closest VC I think we can claim is a New Zealander (or maybe a an Aus) RE Telegraph Bn chap who won a VC at Gallipoli in the First World War. Not sure about the TA connection but i'm sure the Yeomanry chaps must have got something when they were machine gun battalions or cav etc.
  11. I believe its called the dicken medal - basically the animal vesion of the VC

    I remember being reminded on several occasions by other cap badges that the bravest ever member of our corps was a F**kin pigeon!
  12. Or are you trying to get at the point of Victor Charlie, or Nathaniel Victor from American Vietnam films... ie Gooks in the wire?
  13. Good news!!
    Cpl Cyril Goyton Basset VC. Cyril was a New Zealand signalman (REngr's? in the days of Empire when NZ units fitted into UK Corps etc). He won his VC at Gallipoli as a lineman repairing crucial comms lines in open ground under enemy fire. Have met his family and he has a special place in RNZSigs as he is the only Commonwealth Signalman to win a VC.

    Ask any Kiwi Sig!

    Cheers TheRobster
  14. OK, I know that the TA VC's were not won by men actually carrying out signallers duties, but is it right to sweep the memories of those brave men under the carpet now that their units have been re-roled?

    Surely the Royal Signals would be proud to have the VC's as their own?