How many twits make a tw@t?


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Apparently, 'Call me Dave' has got everyone in a bit of a lather.

When asked whether he used the twitter website, he allegedly said "Too many twits might make a tw@t".

Thus, I put it to ARRSE to find the answer to this conundrum.

How many twits will it take? What kind of twits? Do we like the resulting tw@t?

This does exclude the use of the word cunt, which is exclusively reserved by those in the Labour Party.
Easy, the answer is 'eight'
Yeoman_dai said:
Easy, the answer is 'eight'
Nah... the number changes, depending on how many cabinet posts there are... so currently 23 twits make a collective twat of running the country.


He also said "people are pissed off" on air.
I don't think it was accidental - I think its an attempt (seemingly successful) to make another connection to the common man....


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I think it may have been a Freudian slip - especially as he was talking to Moyles, who by all accounts is a bit of a Hoon.
Perhaps its a matter of lineage?

If two twits breed, their offspring are tw@ts... and if two tw@ts breed, their offspring are cnuts.

By which i deduce that Browns grandparents were all twits.

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