How Many Trained Snipers are on aarse ?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Master_Sniper, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. Just interested.

    Basic - 4 weeks

    Instucter - 6 weeks

    Master - 8 weeks

    I guess its changed, but how many ?
  2. I'll leave the spelling mistake and take the flak .... interested in the answer
  3. Ability to murder the English Language-1 week
  4. navy 1 - Army - with apologies
  5. Ability to get a waltish avatar and user name - no experience necessary.
  6. We're all trained snipers.

    Chuck a walt on the forum and everyone will gladly fire a shot into them with precision, from great distances too.
  7. How many qualified snipers on arrse???

    Like the Iranian embassy siege, every ****** says theyve done it.

    Wouldnt even hazard a guess. I get a lot of ex-squaddies come to interview (i work in and recruit for the security industry) and claim this course and that specialist course, but ask them a few technical questions and its funny to see how many bluffers we have. I got all the Q's and A's from those that have done the courses and use them whenever its mentioned on a CV. If you're gonna bluff at least know what you are bluffing about. I expect a guy who worked with Milan to know its max range, and a sniper to know the grain of the round he has supposed to have fired, especially if they only left a few years ago. The best one is the guys who claim they have done attempted certain surveillance based courses and when you mention a few certain details its obvious they were never there and never went on the said courses.

    Don't bluff, youll get caught out. If you do try know your material.
  8. I used to snipe from a maximum of 17,500m.
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  9. And most of those landed in the RAE compound at Larkhill! :D
  10. Hey! They gave us the met.
  12. Aah, Dale! You beat me to it there. I was just gonna say that all the snipers have now been posted to 49 Para.