how many tours can a t.a bod do.

hi. im pondering on the question of just how many operational tours can a t.a soldier volunteer for once a full member. can he/she be doing them continually or is there a limit to how many he/she can do. id like to do tours once in. shed a light on this one.cheers.


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if thats all you want to do why dont you go regular?

theres no limit to how many tours you can do with the TA. however they try to limit them to one in every three years
No more than one year in three is the usual score. I tried to volunteer for more than that as a mobilised regular reservist and was told to do one and much the same rules apply to the TA. There are exceptions but I'm guessing you are or intend to be a junior Private so they're unlikely to apply to you.
fusilier50 said:
if thats all you want to do why dont you go regular?
Because not many regulars can constantly go on tour.

There was a TA postie SSM on Herrick 6 who (according to his troop) tried to do one tour a year.
Its not the number, its the duration. Depending on which rule it can vary between 9 months in 27, to 15 in 36 or 12 in 60 and a combination in between. FTRS is one way of doing more tour time, but there are limitations. Also if needed HM The Queen can sign the orders for the duration.


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i have heard of a TA staff sgt medic who was constantly on tour for 7-9 years. Not sure if it was FTRS, or if there were POTL breaks after each one.
how meny ? it seems they cannot get what they want,,,, there "trawling" for medics,, blimie and you have to send in a CV...


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i think this (ex-reg) guy was/is very highly qualified, i understand he did pretty much every medic related job whilst in theatre, from patrol/company medic, to ICT nurse.


You can also volunteer for a tour, then after a couple of months decide to extend and do a second tour back to back. Think of the bank balance !
im enlisting in t.a due to age. was in for t.a 7 years. been out for 17 still very fit and active. done the whole family thing. shitty jobs etc.. now doing my things at 42. obviously too old for regs. so next best thing t.a. but want to spend as much time with it as poss. so hence the question. thanks for the responses.
I think the best way to answer is that there is not a real 'limit' on what you can do. It will depend on many factors, welfare being one of them- they wont let someone constantly go on tour, think of the re-adjustment when you are released into the community.
Realisticly you could do 2 tours in 2 years, maybe 3 in 3 years but at some point someone at RTMC is going to say no.
It may also depend on what you are doing.
Yes, think of the money. I am single and about to do my 3rd tour since '04. I have not really had a proper job for any length of time since then and I am about £30k away from paying off my mortgage! This tour should see to half of that.
money is not the object here in my particular case. having been laid off from my long term job 2 years previous. done 6 mths work here n there with job agencies. time is the main reason and lots of it. always fancied the army life and set my kids in that direction 2 now regs and loving it. me being t.a before and now re joining. thought id get myself trained up again as soon as poss. then try for a tour the longer the better. now just waiting for my docs from glasgow. told 2-4 weeks. from what ive read on some posts could be months. told nothing i can do til they appear. cant wait to get amongst it again.
In terms of joining the TA if you are ex regular then yes it can take ages, a couple of months before you start parading etc. No idea why, its just the way it is.