how many times round BLMF.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by freedomofspeech, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. mine is 58 times
    and god i was fcuked.
    never again well it was for charity.
  2. come on fellas get this going.
  3. Lost track of the number of times.

    It was for some crazy Danish T Shirt that I never recieved
  4. was never there fella, always out & about wiring something up for the choggies to dismantle once we had left.
  5. Not Quite BLMF, but how about:

    Half Marathon round Slim Lines,

    CFT around Girdwood, - fck me that was a real pain in the tits.
  6. :?

    Did the Nijmegan March in the Late 80's
    Hard going but rewarding in the beer tents...Hic...
  7. AH, Nijmegen marches.

    Now that was a march.Early nineties for me.

    Plenty of beer to ease the pain!!!!!
  8. mine was 3 coz we had to early morning pt . 58 you were lucky u didnt get taken out by some cloggy wideboy in his merc , you must have gone stir crazy running around that sh-t hole .