How many times can someone be deferred?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by thisismyusername, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. I was just wondering what happens if you fail ADSC, how many chances to do you get before your application is "deleted"? And how many times am I allowed to apply for the army?

    And no I havent done my ADSC
  2. Stop thinking about failing etc and more time training and keeping a positive and confident attitude. It's not worth thinking about.
  3. being in the army is pretty much the only thing I think i can do with my life as a career. ive always been interested in the military ever since i was a child so im obviously worried about not going in :/
  4. I can understand that. However if you think about it, if and when you pass ADSC and get into training, you'll realise that worrying about failing all the time is not a productive way of thinking. You haven't even been to ADSC yet, so you have no idea how you will find it or how well you'll do. Just take each step of recruitment as it comes, and deal with things as they happen. Keep/start training, do your best at every stage and think positively and you will be ok.
  5. "if" you do fail then look at why you are failing & address this if you can?
    If not try the TA and volunteer for ops and see if you can join via the TA?
  6. If you are deferred on the 2nd occassion due to commitment/motivation then the ADSO MAY give you a third attempt, its entirely up to how they think you have done......Med deferrals do not count.
  7. I have had a female recruit who failed twice for motivation, and then ADSC failed her a third time on her medical which she passed twice before.
  8. Yes seen the same thing happen, anything can happen between visits to the ADSC regarding medicals or even not get picked up first time with the SMO. I was just meaning regarding the medicals that they don't count (for those not in the know like you)meaning that if they went down and was deferred for a heart murmour etc that visit wouldn't count as a motivation deferment by the ADSO. Ive seen one applicant who passed two medicals at ADSC on there selection only to be med discharged day one of Phase 1 training once their med docs got to phase 1.
  9. Statements like that scare the crap out of me :p What was he discharged for, must have been something serious?
  10. It can be anything that wasn't disclosed on medicals at ADSC or on the RG8 that has happened prior to ADSC or between ADSC and start date. This can be anything from headaches, sporting injuries, medication ...anything the SMO at ATR believes could be a training risk.
  11. Ok thanks, I hope my doctor disclosed everything then.
  12. I had a colleague who was defurred once.

    Back, legs, arms and chest waxed for charity. He cried, the poof. Raised a fortune though.
  13. I saw "legs" as last poster and new something like this was coming.