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How many talented rappers, footballers or models will be stabbed in London this year?

How many?

  • Less than 50

  • 50 to 100

  • 100 to 150

  • 90 ******* 2

  • 158

  • 128

  • The more the merrier l

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I think we need to wait on forensics who are currently combing the scene to recover a photo of him in school uniform aged circa 11 and a quote from an anonymous neighbour about what an absolute little darling he was.
He did make a decent Curry Goat with rice and peas

I don't blame her.

And I hope it burns Mrs May, that I (as have many others) stood beside puddles of blood without wondering whether it was black or white, gay or straight, or whatever.

We discharged our duty to preserve life and keep the Queens Peace. Whilst being stabbed in the back by a ambitious politician who screwed it all up and now everyone has to pretend it is all fine.

Those politicians abandoned decent people to the men of violence.

No one will remember me, but hopefully your name (Mrs May) will live forever.

Police condemned over aggressive arrest of black man in London over stabbing he is later cleared of

Up to six officers were involved in detaining 23-year-old Kamar Hewitt after he was spotted smoking cannabis in a street in northwest London.

Footage of the incident on Thursday spread across social media, prompting Labour MP David Lammy and community groups to demand an investigation
The twitter feed from the stupidity of Dianne Abbot was quite funny.

"Community Activists" gobbing off on the subject, and multiple official police accounts inviting them to outreach events, demonstrating Officer Safety training, inviting them to see things from another side. All rebuffed (I particularly liked the chap who claimed to be a solicitor and was saying he was too busy - not too busy to gob off on twatter though).

I once heard a story from a mate who was then on the armed response teams (SO19 as was then), when they invited barristers down to the training to participate. Most were very engaged with and interested in the threat management and use of force scenario - and one asked why they couldn't shoot the weapon out of someone's hand.

Until people grasp multiple officers restraining someone LESSENS the chance of injury, this debate it screwed.

With multiple officers, you can use less force and less pressure to achieve restraint and compliance.

On your own, you have to resort to higher impact or more forceful tactical options to achieve the result because you are on your own.

Having done both, and being quite into my angry white pyjama-ology - I can assure the Members of the Public, if you are going to be restrained; you will be less injured with more officers.

Or, you could also try taking the ****ing chip off your shoulder and answering the officers questions.

They really don't have the time or inclination to pick a argument for no reason.
Incidentally, Islington is (so I hear) an example of a super borough of three or four merged into one OCU to try and manage the demand.

Obviously, this is clearly working. Not at all driving half way across town to custody suites with the resultant decline in available officers and vehicles off the road.

But clearly, the people who I talk with are not team players and are not part of the plan. They might be very experienced actual cops though.

Not for long, most of my mates in spend their time asking for CV help and job search optimisation.

But crime's down, so you wouldn't have needed good peelers anyway.
MOD Comment - Posts edited/deleted and points awarded. Really happy to close thread and punt posters if they continue to display their racism, beyond the barely disguised base standard of this thread.
MOD Comment - Posts edited/deleted and points awarded. Really happy to close thread and punt posters if they continue to display their racism, beyond the barely disguised base standard of this thread.
When did you start moderating the NAAFI?

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