How many talented rappers, footballers or models will be stabbed in London this year?

How many?

  • Less than 50

  • 50 to 100

  • 100 to 150

  • 90 ******* 2

  • 158

  • 128

  • The more the merrier l

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Nanikutomisia Mpelenda

Looks Malawian or Zimbabwean or Zambian to me.
Sorry all I can hear is this.....

Would Mr Kodogo be a coloured gentleman, by any chance......

Couldn't say Sir.



Book Reviewer
"Crossing the street to avoid me" is out of order?

I genuinely used to go out with pre-written F5090 (stop and search forms) with "changed direction on sighting police and smelt strongly of cannabis" in my pocket. Sped up just putting in the name and DoB when turning people over.

Probably best all around I resigned really isn't it?
Notting hill carnival this weekend, no doubt this will help boost the figures
My dear Sir, you're never seen inside a police Crime Management Unit?*

Marvellous things can be achieved.

*Each Borough Command Unit used to have a CMU which was where crimes were categorised and checked for adherence to the National Crime Counting Rules. Each CMU used to have a wily D/Sgt assigned to it. Or they all seemed wily anyway.
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