How many talented rappers, footballers or models will be stabbed in London this year?

How many?

  • Less than 50

  • 50 to 100

  • 100 to 150

  • 90 ******* 2

  • 158

  • 128

  • The more the merrier l

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The Air Ambulance lot (from dim memory) were called on for both access, evacuation and triage of casualty.

It's why HEMS also has crews on cars who could deploy skilled capability to life threatening wounds.

My knowledge on this is quite historic though, back when I was working in "Landahn" and had blue light service back-up.
Bristols (Avons? whatever) Helicopter unit has 4x4s* as well - so the expertise can still be deployed if the Helicopter cant (Weather - night or tits up etc).

* along the lines of Discos / X90s etc
Also considering the ethnic make up of the victims, there's very few ethnics in the picture, it's almost as though they don't give a flying fùck that their kids are getting offed at a rapid rate!

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And a white hand holding the butterfly knife in the top image.

BBC anti white racism at its finest...
And a white hand holding the butterfly knife in the top image.

BBC anti white racism at its finest...
Well imagine the outrage, if the BBC posted an image of a black 'yoof' holding a shank.
Questions would be asked. Resignations forthcoming.
I see crime clear-up rates are now below 10%.

Remind me again how we're supposed to leave dealing with criminals to the "justice" ststem...


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Yes we know that knife crime in London is predominantly carried out by a certain demographic.

Yes we know that media will nearly always portray the villan as a white person etc

Yes we know there are precious, PC, right on types who seem oblivious to points one and two above.

But it doesn't give people the right to post their "hilarious" attempts at Bernard Manning "comedy", "all look same to me", "dusky types", "Gibsons" etc.

I know some of you are 165 years old and it was "OK in your day to call a spade a spade" etc, but it's no longer your day - so either change or piss off and find another site.

I'm off back to bed now...
Where can one get a decent set of kitchen knives with that Union Flag blade motif?
They'd look jolly spiffing in my knife block.

Ceramic kitchen knife makers might be able to help. You could probably make a few clams selling them on as well if you put in a large order.
Looks as though the yam-yams are late to the party:

'A man has died in hospital after being shot in an inner-city area of Wolverhampton.

Police were called to Valley Road, Park Village, after of gunshots were heard at about 21:10 BST on Friday.

Minutes later, officers said they were made aware of a man with serious injuries who had been driven to nearby New Cross Hospital. . . '

Man fatally shot in city suburb
Just watched some bint on Sky News interview some Met Police bod about the current situation with regard to the stabbing of young black people by other young black people. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Never heard such a list of excuses why they do this to each other. PC nonsense overload. But what did I expect? Can’t supply any link, but I have no doubt it will be aired again to ensure the PC narrative.

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