How many talented rappers, footballers or models will be stabbed in London this year? (2019)

How many?

  • Less than 50

    Votes: 5 3.2%
  • 50 to 100

    Votes: 10 6.5%
  • 100 to 150

    Votes: 34 21.9%
  • 90 ******* 2

    Votes: 2 1.3%
  • 158

    Votes: 7 4.5%
  • 128

    Votes: 2 1.3%
  • The more the merrier I

    Votes: 95 61.3%

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As a 'for instance' regarding local comments, I just took the first few comments from local paper...........View attachment 370878
Just to add a little balance...
My Mrs is from a 'Windrush Generation' St Kitts family.
Birmingham born and bred, 4 sisters and 4 brothers.
3 of the sisters are well educated and hold down good jobs (the Mrs is one) and the other one is a drunk waster.
Of the 3 surviving brothers 2 are a bit iffy but OK, the third is an evil bastard, he is affiliated to the 'Burger Boys Gang' from Handsworth.
At a recent 'do' the 3 sisters confronted their gangsta brother and told him to;
1. Fuck off.
2. Stay fucked off.
3. Never darken a family function with his presence ever again.
4. Never to contact them or any other member of the family again and;
5. Fuck off.

They hate him and his type and are all too aware that the media and the authorities give these bastards an easy ride much to their shame.

A lot of black people are as pissed off with this as the rest of us.
Family on TV (Sky News) now saying what a good boy he was.
"Uncle". Someone who was banging the kid's mother, most likely.
£500 a week profit?

Good wages for a dangerous lifestyle :roll:

There's one born every minute...
Mate in SYP reckonned most street dealers in Sheffield were making that a day seven years ago.

I guess normal people aren't the only people to have their wages driven down by the massive influx of foreigners.

The whole attraction of that bullshit lifestyle was big risk big money, £500 a week is minimum wage with a bit of overtime, hardly worth hanging about in the drizzle for let alone getting shish kebabed.

But like you say, one born, or imported, every minute.


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And for ever one who ends up as front page news, there's half a dozen waiting in the wings.
I am making an assumption here;
This was about gangs.
It was also about drugs because UK gangs are about drugs.
It is possibly about the piffling stupidities that gang bangers 'off' each other for because most of them have the IQ of pigshit.

Ergo, the problem is drugs.

I feel that I am watching a repeat of the Volstead Act days, the act that made US organised crime the best in the world.

HMG has got to stop sticking its head in the sand about a 'war' that they lost ages ago.
Ballon shops, teddy bears, 'brave solja' tributes, and a bunch of cnuts in baggy trousers and snorkel jackets 'paying their respeks'?
Have any family members posted that "Hes wid da angles nou"?

Joshua Slocum

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I read through some of the postings on that idiots facebook page
I suddenly feel very old and out of touch
they seem to speak a foreign language
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