how many situps and pressups do you do at start of basic

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by chris42, May 11, 2009.

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  1. have heard its 50 of each i can do sit ups no problem but struggling a bit with the press ups. what happens if you dont get tothe required figure?
  2. if you dont get the amount required ull be beasted until you can lol :twisted:
  3. Get a grip - Stop being a Fanny and start training.

    The Army Motto used to be "Be The Best" not "Do the minimum standard just to scrape through."

    What changed?
  4. If the required amount is 10 or 1000 what difference does it make? You'll do your best and do as you are told. How does the amount change anything?
  5. You're missing the point.

    Its the new generation of just do what you can in order to slide through rather than smash every other recruit out of the water and prove your not just another sproggy fcuk wit when you get to your Bn.
  6. im looking forward to having the arrse ragged off me during basic, what doesnt kill you only makes your stronger, im joining for the challenge not for doing the bare essential to get in, the better you train the less likely you are to die ! :p

    also just grit your teeth and push on through whatever it is and you'll have immense pride and self respect by the end of it and if you think press-ups are hard you should try earth pressdowns!! (ask chuck norris lol)
  7. I don't care how many press ups or sit ups you have to do, I just can't fu#%*ng wait to get in and crack on. I will give it 100% whatever is thrown at me and I know that I am determined and strong minded enough to come out the other end stronger and better than I ever was before, I know it will be tough but I can't wait!!
  8. well bloody said mate there is no minimum when you start but at the end of your training your expected to do 50 of each in 2 mins , after getting beasted for 14 weeks at basic i think anyone could do it ;)
  9. Good attitude pal, if you can think like that at 4:30 am in the p*ssing rain and your only a day into your final ex then you'll go far ! :D
  10. So far i've been able to apply that attitude successfully as a professional thai-boxer getting up at at 5am 6 days a week doing roadwork in the pissing down rain and snow, in a sweatsuit trying to make weight for a fight or digging deep and getting up off the canvas to come back and win fights so hopefully I can transfer that determination into the Army.
  11. Yeah but we need to experience a december morning, snow,rain,sleet the works getting the wind come in so bad to the area your stagging that you get wind burn on your face and it's that cold that when you accidentally drip water onto your trigger finger it sticks to your rifle. Oh and then you here after that ordeal, after your firmly inside your sleeping bag, those joyfull word's by you Plt Sgt "Bug Out" lol well that's the fun times I've been told about. Can't wait. Also for your question how longs a piece of string? If you go being able to do 50 of each then by the time your 14 weeks basic starts then you should smash the final tests at the end.
  12. Thats where the determination and mental strength kicks in.
  13. MAX EFFORT in 2 min. If you max effor is 50 then thats good for you but if you can do more why settle for 50.

    Just out of curiosity do you fail it if your knees go down on the pressups?
  14. Bataz- or the DAOR letters come flying out :D Also theirs much controversy about the knees on the ground thing so if I were you id just make sure you rest while in the press-up position. Just curious what's your max on both so far just to give a clue, im at 41 press-ups and getting better, 53 sit-ups and 5 pull ups.
  15. 48 pressups in 30 seconds, still got till septmeber to start phase 1 harrogate im looking to smash as many pressups as i can.