How many rounds?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by IMAGEDUDE, Jun 25, 2003.

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  1. I noticed on another thread rumours that members of the RLC were only issued with 5 rounds in the gulf. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
  2. Not true.  I had 75. Not alot though when Int was saying Iraqui forces had parted before the Americans and reformed for opportunity shoots on B could have gone so wrong!
  3. Was any reason offered up for this, surely it can't be that hard to get a decent number of rounds to each soldier.
       Perhaps there is a sinister reason:- if a Brit gets killed because of an ammo shortage, well that's tough, but if he goes on a killing spree that could cause some political embarrasment so best to limit the potential for damage by limiting his ammo.

    Are troops getting a decent allocation now?
  4. Reason....yeah good old fashioned G3 snobbery!
  5. the medics were only allowed 2 rounds, and if you had beans or a runny egg it meant you couldnt do much mopping up.
  6. I'm surprised that the infantry havent accused the loggies  of nicking the 5 rounds per man that they did have.  

    Fact is that the G3 warriors in HQ's can barely handle the logistical requirements for the teeth arms let alone think about what you need for all the rest.
  7. I was there the first time round in the RCT and got the full 200 +grenades, 66's and other nice large bangy things. In Bosnia we got 100 rounds each but no large bangy things. In Kosovo I got 10 rounds and was told to consider myself lucky.
    God, I'm glad I'm a civvy now.
  8. How many rounds do you think you need to cause political embarrasment?
  9. Speedy - in NI in 1979 I had 4 wpns and about oh, that many bits of FMJ, plus that necessary extra stock for when the (training) occasion demanded. Not boasting, just showing that we can be trusted not to massacre the natives if given the wherewithal. I haven't massacre'd anyone, honest.
  10. Although I didn't go to war (was crying under a table at Shrivenham frying my brain and pencils up my nose) one of the lads said he did get 10 rounds but then they found out and he had to give 5 back. God Bless G3! Luckily he was moving Chally 2 so could give good account.