Discussion in 'Officers' started by SnarleyGrippler, Jan 7, 2004.

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  1. No, just select WOs on the strength of their Report book

  2. Yes, make 'em earn it!

  1. Is the Royal Signals in a minority, running an actual board for potential LE Officers? Applicants who have been filtered to a workable number are gathered in Blandford, assessed on Planning Exercises, Essay Writing, discussion groups and a pretty intense interview before getting the good or bad news in an envelope on the final day. My neighbour who is an infantryman was selected upon the strength of his report book in absentia by a centralised board (pretty much like any other promotion).

    Just interested in how this procedure differs across the Army and what appears fair to the majority. :?:
  2. I can assure you that the REME have looked at it (Col REME MCM DIV was the one non-RSIGS Officer on last years LECB) and it will be introduced by the REME shortly, as it appears to be a 'higher level' Tiffy Board.


  3. AGC run a 3 day event at Worthless Down.
  4. The Sappers run a 2-3 day assessment at Minley, known affectionately (at least by DE officers) as The Quickening. the fate of most of the potential LEs on the course has already been decided in advance (based on reports and interviews) but there are still a few places up for grabs for thsoe that do well.

    The best part of this course is to be one of the DS. It's like running a pre-RCB except with a hugely different pool of victims. Not surprising, given you have large numbers of big fish plucked from the comfort of their own pools and about to transform into minnows within the piranah infested ante rooms of the Officers' Mess. 8O
  5. deleted
  6. There can be only one...I heard it was competitive but that sounds a bit severe. :D
  7. Indeed it is Poison, however, not as severe as what happens to those unsuccesful candidates; it's either the Mess Webley or a transfer to the AGC or RAMC. :?