How many "recessions" have you lived through?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dog_eatin_ot_chips, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. In 38 years this is my 4th "recession", do I get a medal?

    1: The whole 70`s
    2: The early 80`s
    3: The early 90`s
    4: 2009 and off we go again!
  2. In my adult life I suppose only one recession - the early '90s. I was in the mob then though and the first I knew of the early '90s recession was afew months ago!.
  3. Forget number 4.

    Boom & bust has been abolished.
  4. Silly me!
  5. Two. 1979-1997, and 2009 :wink:
  6. This one's not a recession - it's a "downturn". The BBC says so.
  7. Let the power cuts,sugar,bread,butter,flour and of course petrol shortages begin. :roll:
  8. Typical selfish tw@t then is tha?. :wink:
  9. The big one [WWII] was the worst for me. Once rationing finished in the early '50's the rest were just minor incoveniences. [probably killed this thread off ...... sorry!]
  10. Killed the thread? On the contrary, you have opened a Pandora's box comprised of unique and relevant information and experiences. I am interested in reading of your experiences and views.

    In particular:
    How would you compare the current crisis to the crisis that you experienced all those years ago; the one that had its roots in the deflationary bust of the early 1930s?

  11. On the contrary, I think you've given it perspective.

  12. Fewer diplodocus :D
  13. Valuable.
  14. I was born into the one that we had in the 1930s. Can't really say how it affected me, I was shielded from it as much as was possible, but it sure as feck nearly killed my parents. I can remember some very distressing events and I sincerely hope that we can avoid anything like it again.
    If you believe in prayer then pray but most of all make what provision you can.
    Sorry to put a dampener on the thread as I believe you wanted it to be light hearted. I just hope that I am wrong.
  15. (My emphasis)
    Could it be that you were also born into the crisis, and had nothing to compare it to? That you knew nothing different, and that all those who you lived amongst lived with the same plight?

    My grandfather is 92. He has memories of the peak of the economic crisis back in the 30s.

    He said that post-crash, and prior to the war, there were things to buy, but that there was little money in circulation. He stated that genuine [not relative] poverty was endemic. Hence the stories of boys attending school wearing their sister's hand-me-downs. He also stated that maybe society was smaller, tougher, less fattened, and more united in those days. He also mentioned the perniciousness of the current government in comparison to the merely inept one from before the war.