how many pushups can u manage???

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by uk7867, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. touching all the way down. NOT halfed reps.what can you do guys. impress me with true answers.and also give some tip how to improve them
  2. About 5 or 10 on a good day.

    But when your burd's underneath me I lose count after 120.

    What a daft question FFS!!!

    OooooHh look at me - look how many I can do!!!

    Get tabbing ya donkey!!! It'll do you more good :D
  3. are we talking about the ones where I lie on my back and push my hands up into the air, and back down?? If so.....maybe 14?
  4. sparky just the answer i were looking for,i honestly dont know how to thankyou. great try though
  5. uk7867 :D

    Your reply was one of the best I've seen to a cheeky answer.

    Keep going with your training.

    But don't neglect your legs. A physiological truth is that if you train your legs the rest of your body will benefit.

    Would be bodybuilders who work only shoulders arms and chest don't make the same gains as those who do squats etc.

    There's some kind of physiological trigger to do with the legs.

    Look at someone who is very very ill - they lose all the muscle in their legs and have sparrow like pins.

    Anyway press ups - if you aim to do 40, then when you count them in your head start at 40 and work down.

    You'll be too busy counting down to work out how many are left to worry. Once you hit zero any you do will be a bonus.

    When I went green again a couple of years ago I used this trick and beat all 70 of the intake - I was 39 then.

    Stephen Hawkins could count down in reverse and know how many are left to do but he doesn't do many press ups these days.

    Good luck and keep the sense of humour :D :clap:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.