How many politicians have done military service?????

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by student_grant, Oct 23, 2005.

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  1. After reading the heartening news in the paper that the future King is to do a stint in green, I am now wondering exactly how many MP's in the house at the moment have a military background??

    Does anyone know?

    I have my own ideas about how the distribution by party of ex squaddies/matelots/crabs/booties would be
    1. Tories
    2. Libdems
    3. Labour
    4. Everyone else

    Anyone got any facts on this??
  2. No facts, but I'd bet a € for 10 that there are twice as many Tories with military experience than Labour.
  3. Paddy Ashdown-Lib-Royal Marine/SBS
  4. He's not an MP anymore, I meant the present shower
  5. Aparently Ian Duncan Smith ( tory ) was a Captain in the Army. Don,t know what Regt/Corps tho .

    Regards LT.
  6. Guards I think
  7. Scots Guards. Hence the lack of a backbone and any sense of authority. Take cover :roll:
  8. I think one of the Troy leader hopefuls was in the TA.
  9. Nichaols Soames 11th Hussars apparently !
  10. David Davis was something to do with the TA SAS dont know whether it was 21 or 23 or whether he got badged or not. Anyone on here remember him?
  11. David Davis.

    At least 2 Tory MPs and 1 Tory Peer on Op TELIC. At least one other Tory MP (Andrew Robathan) on Op GRANBY as a volunteer Regular reservist.
  12. Apparently Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness have quite a bit more experience than most..... ;-)
  13. Eric Joyce - ex Maj AGC is a MSP I think

    Ex WFR Colonel - Patrick Mercer - Tory MP as are a couple of Yeomanry TA

    Tam Dayell ( spelling !) did National Service with a Cav mob....

    Tim Collins ?

    There are more....
  14. No members of the current crop of cabinet incumbents (incompetents!!) have according to the Labour party website. Although accuracy from them is perhaps asking a bit much given past history.