How many points will Blackpool win next season?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dingerr, May 22, 2010.

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  1. Less than 10

  2. Upto 20

  3. Enough to be safe

  4. Feck off ******** they'll do the double

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  5. Feck off ******** they'll do the double - Relegation & Receivership

  1. Blackpool have just won the Championship play-offs.

    Personally I think they will perform woefully and score less than the current record of 15 by Sunderland.

    I might even suggest null point.
  2. Be nice! .................... 16 tops :D
  3. I reckon 18 points and i'm being generous. ;)
  4. I hope they do well. Their Manager is a top bloke and its a good away. Beats the sh1te out of Hull on a wet Monday night!
  5. Depends whether they keep Ian Hollaway as Manager or he goes elsewhere but well doneto the ex Gas Head.
  6. You must be having finger trouble Dingerr :wink: as it's actually Derby with 11 points who have the lowest total!

    I think Blackpool will beat that, about the 18 point mark is my guess.
  7. Really as a tangerine, I don't care. Getting to the Premier League is like a dream. In fact I'm still not sure that I'm awake.
  8. I'll go 17 points. Good luck to them though, they've worked hard to get their promotion.
  9. That's the way to look at it!

    The last time Blackpool played in the same league as Man U was 74-75 I think with Blackpool suffering 3-0 and 4-0 defeats at the time in the old Div 2.
    No "E for B and Georgie Best" chants this time then?? (old gits will remember what all that was about!)
  10. The donkey lashers will be straight back down might scrape a few points of the likes of Wigan and the other newly promoted clubs. Still the dingles are back down for the PNE fans have got someone to hurl abuse at
  11. 18 or 19 points. I dont think they will really complain too much if they go back down again. Blackpool away for me is looking good, how many does their away stand hold?
  12. Classic. Out of interest, how many points have the PNE (Premiership Never Ever?) scored in the premier league.............................?

    How's the threat of administration looking? Bet you wish you had the money of the dingles and donkey lashers now don't you!
  13. I live in Blackpool and although not a big football fan I can tell you that the buzz in this place is something special. I appreciate that it is just initial euphoria but thoroughly deserved.

    For the town which is going through a lot of much needed re-development this boost could not have come at a better time.

    The lowest paid players in the championship, most have second jobs to get by, no real training facilities, you can't fault these guys for heart alone.

    Immediate investment in the ground is needed as the away stand is open and the capacity is only 12500. The worst thing that could happen is that home games are played somewhere else (heard rumours of the Reebok).

    All in all, bloody well done to the seasiders and their small but very barmy army
  14. Derby you say? Nope never heard of it. I'm from Nottingham, is it anywhere near there? :D
  15. I've never heard of either of the above....

    Howay the lads.