How many people in the Army have Tourettes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tytus_Barnowl, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. Just reading the contents of these posts, I remember one of the early documentaries on this showing a young guy who had to punctuate every sentence with F**k, C**t, S**t or B******s. I thought back then I could identify several cases in the same block as me. Are people with this just naturally attracted to the Army?
  2. I think I have a mild form of tourettes :)
  3. For Fuck sake, I don't know what you are cunting talking about,

    I'll get my own bastard coat..
  4. F u c k off i dont know what you f ucking talking about
  5. I've fcuking got it.
  6. Fcuk off your fcuking cnut.

    Yes and a little dyslexic as fcuking well
  7. shaggin basta'd loads of the cnuts
  8. I think I've got work related Tourettes. Can't stop calling people c*nts or arrseholes. Usually the people I work for :lol:
  9. I find it quite funny how a lot of people with tourettes use racist language, I watched a documentary where this guy with tourettes took a bunch of kids with tourettes to africa on a london bus! It was well funny!

    It makes me laugh, but it must be awful if you suffer from it
  10. I've got Tourettes by Proxy
    Anytime I walk about in public people see me and shout "CNUT!"
  11. Anyone remember that Documentary about the lad in Sctland?

    John's Not Mad (oh yes he f*cking was)

    and the follow up?

    John's Still Not Mad? (f*uck off, he's still bonkers)

    F*cking priceless!
  12. People with Tourettes also shout out what they are thinking as well as swearing, slimjim you doctor death cross dressing nurse medic b@stard :wink:
  13. Soldiers don't suffer from tourettes. They fcuking enjoy it.

    Who else could come up with that absolute gem of an English sentence -

    Ah fuckit the fucking fuckers fucking fucked.

    Genius whoever it was. :lol:
  14. how could you work out which squaddies had tourettes ?
  15. That was the one, mid 80s I think.