How many people here WILL have the vaccine and are comfortable doing so?

What's your view about vaccination?

  • I'd never take a vaccination of any kind, not ever.

    Votes: 4 0.9%
  • I'd never take the covid vaccine, but might take one for a virus like smallpox.

    Votes: 11 2.5%
  • I'll wait to see what the covid vaccine side-effects are. I may take it if it all seems safe.

    Votes: 48 10.8%
  • I'd reluctantly take the covid vaccine if the penalties for not taking it may be too much to bear.

    Votes: 13 2.9%
  • I'm okay with taking the vaccine, as I feel the overall benefits are likely to outweigh any risks.

    Votes: 370 83.5%

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I got the Pfizer one about 4 weeks ago. 3 hours after getting the jab, a small finger swelled up (opposite side to the jab), turned red, and formed a hook. I took paracetamol as recommended inthe leaflet I was given. The next day there was no redness, most of the swelling had gone, and I could almost straighten the finger. More paracetamol. After two weeks it had shrunk to a noticeable ring shape around the end joint only. As the local doctors are off limits, I made a report using the Zoe app on my phone. They sent me a self test kit, result negative (hooray). I am now on Ibuprofen, and the ring has turned into two lumps at the sides of the joint, with a slight swelling. I can almost straighten the finger. I have to stop taking Ibuprofen on Sunday, so there is still time for the lumps to disappear before I have to think of something else.
The second jab is supposed to have a stronger dose, so maybe I should buy larger shirts in case I swell up like The Hulk.

Updated to say - a doctor has diagnosed this as an allergic reaction to something in the vaccine (we'll never know what). It's treatable, so that's all right, then :)
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We all went off for the second dose of the Pfizer concoction this morning:

- I'm fine, no apparent side effects at the moment.

- Mrs Effendi says she is feeling a bit like she had 3, or 4 gins for breakfast.

- Master Effendi, who goes all hypochondriac when he has an elastoplast put on him, says he feels like he should just chill for the day.

So, nothing adverse to report as such.

Just to reply to myself.

I did notice yesterday that I needed to go for a Jimmy Riddle rather often, even having to get up and go twice during the night.

24hrs on:

Me: Fine, went out and thrashed out 15 miles on the bicycle first thing this morning.

Mrs Effendi: Informs that here joints are all aching, but nothing worrisome, or debilitating.

Master Effendi: Same as me, moved on, no complaints.


No1 daughter had her second jab this morning, (she's in healthcare). No ill effects from the first one so hopefully non from this.
Got my second Pfizer shot yesterday - nothing other than a little soreness.


Got my second Pfizer shot yesterday - nothing other than a little soreness.
Had my 1st jab today in a local setup ,deserted hockey area only felt a need for a smoky peat Scotch and visited Liquor Store for Laphroiag and the world became a sunnier place afterwards -- trouble is 16weeks until the next jab
Had my 1st jab today in a local setup ,deserted hockey area only felt a need for a smoky peat Scotch and visited Liquor Store for Laphroiag and the world became a sunnier place afterwards -- trouble is 16weeks until the next jab
I went three weeks between jabs. My wife, who received Moderna, went four. Apparently the difference is due to how the trials were run.
I had my first one about nine weeks ago for the first five days I was extremely poorly. The local doctor visited me every day and a couple of ambulances were tasked. Having a compromised immune system has properly stiffed me some of my meds to shut the immune system down are now not playing the game at all, I have a feeling that I have turned into a lab rat mainly due to three blood tests a week. I can safely say that I will not behaving the second jab I would rather sleep with a heshe than go through the side affects again no way no how.
I'm getting my first tomorrow, hope I get one that doesn't contain the name of a Vauxhall.

I'm told that possible side effects include tiredness and sore joints. That's me EVERY day, so I doubt I'll notice any difference.


My father had his second dose today. No ill effects from either the first or second injections. Same places as I had the first one on Friday - I think it must because I am a carer.
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Foxxing superb bit of organisation at the Belfast SSE Arena. Staff EVERYWHERE, dead quick. There's a bloke at the car park holding up 2 paddles, like someone on the deck of an aircraft carrier, "Testing" and "Vaccine" on them. Her Majesty The Queen was right, didn't feel a thing, there isn't even a mark on my arm. A wee English girl did my injection, I think she might have been Armed Forces?

As I went back to the car, I crossed at the traffic lights. An oul doll in a battered old Golf jumped the lights. So having got my jab, I nearly got wiped out by a bloody Volkswagen.
Had my second Pfizer on Tuesday. The arm is a little bit painful, but, no big deal.
I am back on vaccination duty tomorrow.
Had AZ on Tuesday. Felt a bit ropey yesterday afternoon, at the "I think I'm coming down with something" level in pre-covid days, fine this morning, jab site a bit tender but that's it.
Had AZ yesterday at Ambleside which was a good excuse to get outside of Northumberland for reasons other than work.

Feeling fine, if a little tender, at the injection site.

May well tell work to poke it tomorrow but that will be due to my crushing hangover today rather than the jab yesterday.
Had my first jab on Wednesday, courtesy of a medic from 1 RIFLES who put up with me chattering away...

12 hours later, sweats and fever lasting 24 hours. All better now - but then, I'd had COVID four and a half weeks previously, so perhaps my immune system was well set up to overreact...

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I had my first on Tuesday, the Pfizer version. There were no issues until Wednesday morning when I got out of bed and bounced off the wall with dizziness and vertigo. It’s Thursday now and the vertigo has eased off, but I’m still making the odd contact with the walls. I‘ve read that 11% of those vaccinated experienced something similar. Hopefully this will pass soon, motorcycling is not a good idea at this time.
Anyone tell me which page has got a very short 'NO' reply from someone who also posted a linky thing to a page with all the reasons he is not having the jab. Something about it being a 'Medical Treatment' not a Vaccine.



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now that people over 45 can book a vaccine, I have mine for the weekend.
In ****** eastleigh ffs.

Covid or the jab might not get me but the feral locals may.
I'm getting a very strong desire for raw meat.

Haven't had the jab yet but just thought I'd mention that. Sort of an anti-vegan thing.