How many people here WILL have the vaccine and are comfortable doing so?

What's your view about vaccination?

  • I'd never take a vaccination of any kind, not ever.

    Votes: 4 0.9%
  • I'd never take the covid vaccine, but might take one for a virus like smallpox.

    Votes: 11 2.5%
  • I'll wait to see what the covid vaccine side-effects are. I may take it if it all seems safe.

    Votes: 48 10.7%
  • I'd reluctantly take the covid vaccine if the penalties for not taking it may be too much to bear.

    Votes: 13 2.9%
  • I'm okay with taking the vaccine, as I feel the overall benefits are likely to outweigh any risks.

    Votes: 374 83.7%

  • Total voters


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No, nor me.
Those muppets in Bruxelles working for the EU are though, and are in charge of the negotiating, procurement and allocation of doses for the member states that has resulted in this sh1te and abysmal situation.
And have been for nearly a year now too!

Including La Belle France courtesy of Macron, and where currently the allocation of 36 doses should now apparently be prioritised amongst over 2,400 people within three villages.
A tricky one for the one medicin and two infirmieres to decide upon.
Should they form a committee perhaps or wait to see what next month may bring?

An absolute disgrace that should shame everyone in French national government for going along with it while people are dying.
Honte is the most common word around here at the moment.

I will offer you a €200 note in a bet that every single fonctionnaire (and their immediate family members) within the EU employment zone have had at least their first vaccine with a definite date for their second.

Like I said, honte.

I have been amazed at some of those who qualified for vaccinations, often high up the priority register.
The buzzwords were "business continuity"
I have been amazed at some of those who qualified for vaccinations, often high up the priority register.
The buzzwords were "business continuity"
I think it has been devolved too much in France and could have been handled much more efficiently as in the UK.
Everybody has to have a microchipped card to access any aspect of the health system, and all your history is on it.
Organised and maintained by regional health authorities it would have been the easiest thing in the world to let them take charge of the vaccine programme, with all of the relevant information to hand but it wasn't so.
The dearth of available doses is the biggest failing but looking at it in the round even if they had more doses it would still be mismanaged but with a lot more wastage.
Nationally after four months they have only just hit 19% of the population having their first jab.
But back to topic, a neighbour of mine had the AZ on Monday and couldn't sleep Monday night with a headache and apparently he was freezing cold all night, body temperature was way down.
SWMBO has been phoned, getting her second Astra jab tomorrow.
My second Pfizer due next week.
System seems to be ticking over like a well-oiled watch.
The wife and I had our first vaccination , Moderna, at our local cottage hospital on 30 March and were told four to six weeks to the second.
Phone call from the hospital this morning for us to go in on 6 May for the second.

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