How many people have signed off to get there own way ???

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Flyer, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. If so what was the outcome ?
  2. I've known two people sign off when things didn't go their way, only to be met with 'Ok, cheerio then'. One of them sheepishly signed back on before his time was up, the other lad convinced himself he wanted to leave and did.

    I've never known of anyone getting their way by signing off as an ultimatum.
  3. Depends what you want........

    I wanted to leave, they wouldn't let me, I signed off, I left :)

    I think you have to realise that you should only fight battles that you can win.
  4. When you say you left did you mean you got posted or got out ?
  5. It depends just how valuable your skills are and how short the RLC in those skills.
  6. AT, JS Qual'd, 10 Years experience who wants to get to 11. Stuck at Kineton.

    Oh well maybe time will tell
  7. Signing off will really help you get into 11 Regt I reckon, who could resist such a prospect? Sure they are crying out for people who will hold them to ransom. Once there would you negotiate duties and threaten to bang out if not to your liking?

    With 11 years service and JS qual I assume you are at least a Sgt - surely you know better than this?

    Perhaps there is some underlying reason why you have not gone to 11?
  8. Ok possibly gave across the wrong impression there. Didn't mean by any stretch I wanted to sign off to get my own way. Was just wondering why it would appear that when some people do this they get pretty much what there demanding. Yet when people just bide there time and wait for things to happen does it seem that they just get passed over so to speak ?
  9. I have. She got her own way. And now she's trying to sue the MoD. But that's another story.
  10. Go on Biscuits_AB, spill! Ya know ya want to - good for the soul and all of that. :D
  11. I know of 2 seniors who signed off to get out of certain postings. Both signed back on when said postings were cancelled.

    Result! Err, no.......... they both eventuallly ended up at the units they tried to avoid with a question mark hanging over them.

    Morale of this story?

    Beware the patient Colonel with the memory of an elephant.
  12. Don't get me wrong, I've heard loads of stories of people holding the army to ransom, but funnily enough names are never mentioned.....
  13. I was one of the 1st people to sign off on JPA and when it asked me what day I wanted to leave I put a date around 7 months in the future. There was no system in place to ensure that I had given a full years notice and so when it came to my week of leaving they turned round and said "Well actually you are not due to leave until August". It was a bit hit and miss as to whether they were going to let me go or not. They did in the end and if they didn't I would have sued the army for my entire savings I have put into this company (

    I didn't sue for all my injuries put together, I'm not suing although everybody wants me to get compensation but if they made me stay in when I put my savings and resettlement into this I would have.

    If they weren't going to let me sign off either (we had been warned for ops) I had already obtained the services in an expert in military law and was going to fight it all the way.
  14. Warned off for Ops and you signed off>

    Am I missing something here?
  15. Not really, I couldn't do my job as I have too many long term injuries, thought about it for a while, no good in the army any more so might as well do something useful. Loved the tours when I did em and I miss the whole life and yes the tours but it's time to move on.

    Those that can do
    Those that can't deliver to those that can!