How many people are employed monitoring us?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by tattybadger, Jan 17, 2005.

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  1. I wonder how many civil servants are employed hacking into our computers and monitoring us as we log into ARRSE etc?

    Is it worth the taxpayer's cash (sorry - Gordon's cash) and are we all that subversive that Big Brother has to watch us? Or is it an enormous infringement of our civil rights? :evil:
  2. None, come on lets be serious, they do not need to hack your computer - you think your internet traffic just goes from A - B.... no it goes A - Bletchley - C; just ask CC :D
  3. I'm ok (hopefully!) - hardware firewall, software firewall, intruder prevention software, MAC filtering, ip address is "randomly generated :twisted: ", not to mention being careful to ensure that v few people can work out who I am from what is being posted!

    If anyone can get to my pc, they're a better geek than me! :roll:

    Having said that, Gordon's piggy bank must be overflowing, what with all these defence cuts etc.

    Maybe all the extra civil servants he has taken on are destined for the "Big Brother" job - installing cameras in the tv house :lol:

    Infringement of civil rights? Most certainly. Everyone is entitled to their own stupid opinion, whatever it is. So what's yours? :wink:

  4. and industry.

    I know for a fact a couple of links to some threads have been emailed to managers. Forums on the RLI are also monitored by industry.
  5. Why would the government want to spy on us...

    ...why are you concerned if you've got nothing to hide?

    Eeek, where's me tinfoil hat gone!!! 8O

    Seriously though, it amuses me no end that the cnuts in power now who are so happpy to shaft your privacy are the very people that MI5 had files on back in their student days because they were deemed to be "dangerous radicals"

    I'm willing to bet some current members of the cabinet had a little shredding session as soon as they got into power.
  6. Not amount of 'hardware firewall, software firewall, intruder prevention software, MAC filtering, ip address is "randomly generated" will stop your packets being intercepted on your ISP's packetshapers. Unlucky. And of course, unless you have a static IP your ip is always going to be dynamic, and thus randomly generated.

    Ghost, are you from scotland by any chance?
  7. Boring boring. Nobody here should be posting anything classified, and call me Mr Sneaky but if I see anything that - I think - is, I PM the Mods straight away and ask them nicely to remove it.

    We are perfectly entitled to our opinions as members of the Armed Forces but we shouldn't claim that our personal opinions are those of our employers, and anyone reading this site would need to be stupid to imagine that they are.

    I can't imagine it would take any decent IT security bod very long to identify who is who here, but there shouldn't be a strong need for them to do so either.
  8. I'll wager a fiver someone is. Difficult to prove I know.
  9. I agree that the packets can be intercepted at ISP. However, if the ISP thinks they come from another IP address from within their allocated range (i.e. not the IP allocated to me), then they would have difficulty tracing to me. Software to spoof IP addresses is freely available on t'interweb (apparently :lol: ), and if they strip the wrapping off it, they find a private ip address from my LAN :twisted:


  10. IP spoofing? Any half-decent router/firewall will detect that, and you would need to be quite proficient at linux to do it with any success, and even then it is useless for browsing - however it is good for bypassing simple IP filters, yes. Proxies are the only way to go for some privacy.
  11. It's no use, our equipment is so advanced no amount of tinfoil can stop us.

    Oh crap!
  12. Yes, but its one more layer they have to dig through.


    Linux is becoming more and more popular. Its the weapon of choice for those Anti-Microsoft among us.

    Which was the original point

    Are there any more secrets you would like to give away :?: :wink:
  13. How so? The rules will just drop you as if you were coming from you real IP, so there is no need for them to dig through anything.
  14. If any of you are worried about big borther readingyour emails, you want to try using PGP encryption, its free on the net, and it P1sses the people at big brother no end, as it takes them quite a while to decrypt

    Its basically a 128bit encryption for those of you who are intrested
  15. Download the lastest version here. It is entirely free for personal use, and you can even send encrypted mail to non-pgp users by creating a unique "Self-Decrypting Archive", so that the recipient only has to enter their passphrase to retrieve the information - obviously, the more complex the passphrase, the better. Good if you wish to send sensitive material via email e.g. bank details etc etc