How many of you Honestly, would consider emigration....

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by petite_butsweet, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Quicker than a rat up a drain pipe!

  2. No Way

  3. Would like to but can't due to other reason

  1. The end is nigh for our commitment to HRH so we have been thinking about pastures greener....................... :cyclopsani:

    Is it just me or does everybody else, especially those who have kids now (as opposed to planning to) feel that the UK is somewhere that they really don't want to grow old in and bring up their family in.

    What other countries interest you?

    Do you have any experiences you be willing to enlighten me to RE: emigration?

    Or are me and my family looking for a life that just doesn't exist?

    All we want is:

    To pay off the mortgage before we die.
    To be able to help the kids through uni if they want to go.
    To actually see each other rather than just work.
    To not have to watch every penny.
    To enjoy life to a reasonable standard.
    To not bring up the kids in constant fear of crime, drugs, etc

    I can't believe it's just us that thinks this country pretty well sucks ro maybe we are just looking at things the wrong way???????
  2. I think you'll find that there is no Utopia, every country has it's share of problems.

    Where were you thinking about moving?
  3. Accepted for a 'Down Under' Army, fingers crossed no dramas so far, just waiting for 'down unders' immigration department to go through the biz.
  4. I'll second that! I prefer to look to the positives.
  5. Would love to go to Canada. Have Relly's in Vancouver.
  6. Looking at Canada
  7. So are we!
  8. Cyprus would be a good move, it is similar to the UK, but with very little crime, good weather, less immigration, and they drive on the left hand side.

    My wife and I are thinking of moving over there soon, already brought a house there, just about to sign off and cant wait!
  9. I agree that every country has it's fair share of problems but surely when large independent polls are carried out resulting in the UK having very poor results for children's happiness, health, crime, drug use, education, over all standard of living doesn't it point to the fact this country is not a great Britain anymore?

    I honestly don't know??
  10. Canada too!
  11. They are desperate for skilled workers here in Denmark (unskilled too for that matter).

    There's even a couple of job agencies where they source workers from abroad to make up the shortfalls.

  12. Do they need a blonde maiden slayer???? :D
  13. I have two years remaining of my 22, I have no money worries, no mortgage, no kids, And am seriously considering leaving this Sh1te hole,
    im sad to say is England, and buggering off to the sunshine.
    The quandry is where...Australia, Spain, Portugal, Dubai,Thailand.
    Choices, Choices eh!
  14. I don't know, I'll have to check in the job section of the local paper.

    Have you much experience? Do you live near Ipswich?
  15. How far have you Canada people got with your stuff?