How many of you have been to London

Slightly-odd pubs are brilliant and national treasures. They are all over the place - but a bigger choice in London :)
CAMRA/London Drinker magazine is especially good for walks around the quirky places. And you get ?£20 beer vouchers when you join!

I discontinued my CAMRA membership last month.
They wrote earlier in the year asking for my contribution to their diversity and inclusion survey.
I replied to the effect that I gave them an annual donation to promote real ale, and support publicans who dispense it - considering anything else a distraction, and a needless (p c) waste of funds.
Receiving an unsatisfactory response from some sociology or marketing graduate (as I assume her to be), I contacted the bank accordingly.


The old Kai Tak airfield site is now a cruise ship terminal.

When we used to go out on patrol the object was to sail as close as possible to the end of the run way and try and clip an incoming plane they were that low, of course we never did but it was fun.
The old Kai Tak airfield site is now a cruise ship terminal.
They are also building a large sports arena and park there at the moment. Once completed the rugby 7s will be played there - which will be a shame in many ways.