how many of you have been in Cadets ?

Have you been in the Cadets ?

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im quite curious to know how many of you have been through the Cadet movement.
ACF/ATC/SCC including the CCF and going on to join Regular/TA army

it may give us some idea of how successful the training program is in encouraging the Cadets to join up when they leave.

i have enclosed a poll .

if you have any opinions about your time inteh ACF etc please do post it on here.

no usual NAAFI comments save that for the NAAFI bar.
semper - good question but maybe would give you more response if you posted a link in each of Juniors, Seniors, Officers and Just TA Forums. Or could the MODs arrange that?

For the record, SCC was me.
ARRSE is hardly going to provide a genuine insight into youth organisation with a military founding to Reg/TA.

Having left it in Scotland i'm not too sure (happy to be corrected) but i believe 'The British Army 2005-06' By Charles Heyman might give you an accurate number.

Thankfully i was none of the above, but i have been on attachment with and am now in the process of joining the ACF staff.
5 years in the ATC, then into the Regular Army. Working in aviation for a number of years so a fairly natural progression for me. Lots of my ATC squadron joined up, either RAF or Army - quite a few joined the local police force too.

A very happy time and still in touch with a few of the lads (I left just before females were allowed in).
6 Years as a Cadet, then join up - 5.5 Years Regular Service, then left back to Cadets as an instructor, did a further 8 Years as an instructor, then left last year.
Semper, I was CCF before I joined the TA and subsequently joined the Regs.
My own cadet force was school based and therefore not really big, but we were superbly supported by the local inf regt and
our instructors, most of whom were TA offcers or UOTC. CCF doesn't have a system of NCO instructors the way ACF has.
(Ours didn't anyway)

I firmly believe that a decent CCF or ACF will lay a vluable foundation for further military training, obviously this is dependant on the adult instructors and the way they behave and treat the cadets. I've had to deal with some cadet units during my regular service and sometimes the kids are being done a disservice.

At the end of the day, the cadets are an extension of recruiting. From my (small) CCF about 5 of us from our final year joined up regular with one or two remining in the TA
I was CCF and, rather bizarrely, ACF at the same time.

The ACF mob were far better run and organised, and it was great for running about in green kit and meeting girls.

Then joined up. Bags of respect for anyone connected with cadets - thanks for lots of good times! :D
seven years CCF 5 years TA started as an ACF instructor two years ago in that time four or five lads from my detatchment have joined either the regular army the TA or gone to Harrowgate.
I was not a cadet. I was in the Scouts.
Four years ATC for me. Really boring after a while actually, but good set of lads (and lasses) kept me there.. still live with one of them & recruited him in to the otc he he he.
I was in the cadets for a couple of years, it was suggested to me that it would help my chances of joing the Regulars. I joined the Army and was able to draw on some of my limited experience that i had gained in the ACF, this was without mentioning to the Staff that i was ex Cadet, but it gave me a good heads up with Drill and getting my kit squared away.


Edited to add the following:

I remember from my time that we had good instructors who showed an interest in what they were doing and luckily we had a good TA Centre and TA soldiers that also showed a good support and interest also. :):)
I was in the ACF. 2 years in a Queens badged unit, then mopved to an RE badged unit. I'm sure a psychologist would make something of the latter.
I did 2 years ACF and loved it, Joined the Regular Army for 12 years left then looked into the ACF as an Instructor, However Greater Manchester ACF seemed like Greater Manchester Police force weekend shooting club, Me and dibble don't get on.
Spent 4 yrs as a cdt. In a Para badged unit then when we moved a REME unit. Ended up a CDT SSGT. Joined " The juniors" in sunny catterick at 16 and it did help a bit during basic. Until one of the DS overheard a few of us ex cadets chatting amoungst ourselves. Used to get singled out for extra attention then !!!! The cnut.

Regards LT.
ATC until I got too old, then nothing for years, then joined the RAuxAF, and then the TA. Now looking at the ACF as an AI.

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