How many of us still have not been paid bounty?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by remf, May 3, 2007.

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  1. As there is still alot of us that have not been paid bounty i would like to find out what percentage have.

    I have not got mine yet and just get told that i will have to wait for it.
  2. About 5 out of 14 that should be getting them now actually have. I'm told that SPS are onto it though
  3. Orders say by end of may we should be paid it .Or most of us will be .
  4. No, and still awaiting march & aprils pay despite it being uploaded on 23/4/07
  5. Still waiting and waiting but then whats £1500.00 between friends :x :x
  6. Bumped to get more input
  7. Its currently looking 58% not getting paid their bounty yet, but what excuse have your been told for the hold up.
    Iv'e been told it's JPA problems just wait it will be in your bank soon.
  8. been waiting a year for my re-enlistment bounty, whats a year between mates like ?
  9. Bumped due to me still waiting for my bounty to be paid,
    JPA has told me that they have not recieved my cert of efficiency but my unit has told me that all the items needed by JPA to pay me have been sent, i asked my unit to resend the lot which the said they did but that was over a month ago and they still say that they have not recieved it. :x

    How many others are still waiting and what excuse have you been given?
  10. Still awaiting mine for y/e March 2006. RAO, are you listening?
  11. I am not boasting but all of my unit have had their bounty payments. Anyone who has not had it should be talking to their RAO staff to sort it out. If you are awaiting a bounty payment for last year that is a different issue and should be raised as a Legacy system issue. JPA cannot pay anything that is before 1 Apr 07 as it did not exist then. It would have to be input manually by Glasgow but is still possible.
  12. Yes. Yes, indeedy. I read everything you just said and the words sounded like English. The only trouble is, strung together it just came across like this:

    How does one raise a legacy system issue, and with whom? And by when will it be dealt with? Please bear in mind that this is an issue which I have been raising since it became live in May/June 2006.

    And while you're on, my JPA info has forgotten about several things, such as:

    (a) crucial career quals
    (b) an op
    (c) three years' service
    (d) and quite a bit more

    All of it was on UNICOM but has magically not made it across.

    I have two options:

    (a) go guerilla and get someone to hack my JPA info; or
    (b) pursue conventional channels.

    Option (a) is attractive, as I am getting fed up with the massive dichotomy between what is expected of me in my job and what service providers to the MoD (and indeed the MoD itself) are permitted to get away with.
  13. You mentioned a legacy system in your minor rant ie UNICOM. Anything that predates JPA is a legacy system. The other topics should be addressed by your HR Admin Staff or in other words AGC(SPS) who are responsible for inputting any info that was not transferred across from UNICOM. Your clerks should be able to raise a query thru JPAC on your outstanding bounty payment. You only become responsible for your own admin once everything is sorted and you have a JPA login. Their is a mechanism for raising questions thru JPA electronically but as I said it is a AGC(SPS) responsibility.
  14. Now I'm confused. It was only when I was given a JPA login that I was able to discover the errors (other than the bounty issue, which I did know about already). Are you saying that because I have a JPA login, I am now responsible for sorting them out?

    Sorry if what I said appeared to be a rant. It's just that if I provided a service level equivalent to what I have experienced as a "user" of JPA, I would be subject to disciplinary sanction, struck off and my name would be in the newspapers. I'm not a doctor, though, and so no one would die (probably).

    Roger re clerks, AGC(SPS), etc. But who should handle my legacy issue? My mistress?*

    * This is a lame joke, not a snide comment at you.
  15. No you are not responsible for your admin only some of it and you can't edit any of JPA anyway apart from a few minor details ie bank account, emergency contact and claims to name a few. Your AGC guys should be going thru all the data that should have been transferred and making sure it has. In their defence quite a bit did not come across, despite assurances to the contrary, so they are wading thru stuff as we speak. The first priority was however to get people paid so they had to work on that first. On your specific problems I would suggest that the fact that you did not get bounty last year might mean there is an underlying issue with your pay record which has meant you have not get it again. I would get the RAO to sort it out as the longer it goes on the harder it will be. I assume you have tried all that but to no avail. I would perhaps take it up the chain of command to get it sorted. Which unit/Bde are you in. PM me the info if you like.