How many of us made the trip-Time fo a Unit Muster.

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by DocD, Apr 22, 2004.

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  1. Okay, I know there are a lot of us who made the long swim over to ARRSE, but just how many and what are the new Aliases use by some of you. Maybe it's just me, but I do a lot better with names that I'm use too.

    Note to Blackjack aka Florida Boy, I'm proud of the way you have come back, as a much more mature person. Six months to a year ago, I would not have crosses the street to piss on you if you were on fire, now I proud to call you a friend.

    Rocketeer you are my new HERO. The man who finally shut LNV up for good. Something none of the rest of us could do, You're da man.
  2. :oops: :) Thanks DocD. Believe it or not, I did follow everyone's advice when I was being a dumbas s. I just needed some good quality time to grow up. :D

  3. Oh, a few of the folks are posting under new names. NurseInTraining is now CaliGirl, and PT's under something else (ungodly long and I can't remember it), JQ has a few extra letters attached to the beginning of his callsign. That's about all I can remember. But it seems like we have just about everyone here now (excepting a few, and I'm not sure who isn't here).

  4. I made it across the pond and maintained the same moniker.

    Blackjack....did you actually go by Florida Boy? I don't remember a member named Florida Boy, if that's the case guess I must've missed out on the fun....or were you perhaps that little*t can't remember his name now....the little bastard who was proud of acting like an idiot toward vets in a parade among other offenses? He was from Florida as I recall. If so, you've certainly come a LONG way.
  5. Blackjack,
    I'm proud of u too. :D
  6. AF_LT,

    I posted under FB around Dec. 2001 if I remember correctly. Can't say that I ever committed the offense you mentioned though. musta been someone else. I just had a bad habit of putting my foot in my mouth. 8O

  7. hrm...that was before my time on Jargon. Hopefully the twerp I was thinking of will turn out as well as you seem to have. His heart was in the right place (well, except for the previously mentioned little event) but man what a little cnut he was.
  8. Thanks, AF_LT. Believe it or not, all of your comments mean a lot to me. (especially since I was expecting to get slagged for coming out and admitting to who I had been)

    Good night all, I'll see ya in the morning.

  9. Eyes left. That's the ungodly long name. PT is too short on this board, a rule I consider hurtful and demeaning. :( But damn, that warm pub beer on tap does grow on you and it's straight up of the Brits toshare their bandwidth with us wet and weary Yanks.

    Those FB posts would make a best seller, Blackjack. But I think even C130Driver would be proud of you.

  10. Sorry been busy slagging Tofu...and drinking...Oh I farted twice too, but I'm here.
  11. I'm around, same as usual. Just been busy at the shop, and egging ctauch on with tofu.
    PT, good one, I'm sure it isn't true
  12. I'm around, same as usual. Just been busy at the shop, and egging ctauch on with tofu.
    PT, good one, I'm sure it isn't true
  13. I had to add some letters to my initials so I put my rank. Seems simple enough but I ws so used to using just JQ. Thanks to our British cousins for allowing us safe harbor, and its good tthat we have a solid cadre here. I'd like to know why so many chose new monikers; took me about 30 seconds to spot Leonard. Should know Bad to the Bone but haven't placed him/her yet. Must be my later MIDDLE age. :lol:
  14. Haven't figured bad to the bone either JQ, but he/she knows us awfully well.
  15. C-Mom here, Doc.

    I'll fire up the grill anytime ya'll get hungry. :wink:
    Having trouble with this warm beer though. But, I'll be polite and sip on this one until I can get back to the virtual fridge and pick up a cold one :D