How Many Of Us Have Snuck In Here?

Discussion in 'US' started by WarpSpasm, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. YES


  1. Just curious to see roughly how many ex-employees of British Army plc are lurking on a more than temporary basis in the US of A, making the place untidy and generally lowering the tone?

    Apart from me, of course. :slow:

    Maybe if there are enough of us, we can take the 13 colonies back under the Union flag as well as reoccupy FL and our trading posts along the coasts of WA and OR - although as things stand currently, I'm not sure we really want that sort of liability round our throats at the moment... :roll:
  2. There's at least two of us - on present manning, that's nearly a platoon!
  3. Out of curiousity....what do you do for graft in the US?
  4. I live on my wits - consequently I am naked, cold and starving.
  5. I spent almost a year living in Port Arthur, Texas in the late 1960s. There were no problems really in those days about green cards or other documents. If you could work and speak English you were fine. I was mostly fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. I had a great time.
    After that, I got a job on the banana boats running fruit from the Central American countries to either the States or Europe. A great life for a young fella.
  6. 2 years spent living in Florida, going to Disney World and getting LARGE :(
  7. Who needs guns when you have good old British cunning on your side.I know,we'll sell them some tea :D
  8. I was a stab and hoping to visit the us soon with an eye to a permanant residence one day so count me in on tuesday nights and weekends unless there is a footie game on of course
  9. But we're living over here, and your government lets us buy many as we want :roll:

    What is the emoticon for evil, maniacal laugh? Oh right... :twisted:
  10. Not an ex-redcoat, but I've lived, on and off, in good old US for quite a long time, and you'll never retake it - tea withstanding. :wink:
  11. Only if we can tax it at the same time ;)
  12. Yes KevB they can always really on you to raise money for murdering innocents as long as they are kids to be slaughtered KevB will be right at the front well back rattling his sordid little terrorist can
  13. You'd be better off selling them coffee this time round, but they already have the knack of taxation without real representation.
  14. No, but you sure have murdered a few
  15. North of Ireland, Northeast of US.