How many more war criminals in Britain?

How many more war criminals in Britain?
Daily Telegraph Online
Britain has a creditable tradition of giving asylum to those who fear persecution. We have offered sanctuary to many who have fled from injustice and torture in less happy lands. Some of these, of course, deserved to be persecuted: our rules do not distinguish between the just and the unjust, provided they would not get a fair trial at home.

One of our more contentious refugees is Milan Spanovic, an ethnic Serb from what is now Croatia, granted asylum four years ago, who had been living quietly in Carshalton until he was caught shoplifting, whereupon his war crimes conviction came to light.

Mr Spanovic might be a victim of victors' justice – he was sentenced in absentia by a Croatian court while the Yugoslav conflict still raged. A retrial should certainly be sought on his return there, which will be enforced either by extradition or by a European arrest warrant once Croatia joins the European Union.
Wonder if he'll get an ASBO?!

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