How many more times does John Prescott have to fcuk up .....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ethel_the_Aardvark, May 30, 2006.

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  1. .... before Bliar decides that enough is enough. Having witnessed (from the outside) a number of cases involving 'Values and Standards' in the Army I am constantly amazed that our political masters (and I use the word in the loosest possible sense) are seemingly able to get away with just about anything they want; fiddling expense claims, fraudulent mortgage payments, free travel for your mistress, extra marital affairs up the ying yang etc etc etc.

    Even amongst that morass of degenerate filth and hypocrisy that masquerades as a parliament, Prescott stands out from the crowd. he is utterly vile, clearly stupid with the morals of Myra Hindley's babysitting coach. Despite the fact he appears to have no responsibility whatsoever he still lives in a 15 bedroom mansion on a 3,500 acre estate and now he's caught playing clucking croquet when he's supposed to be covering for his (only marginally less reprehensible) Boss.

    How much longer before Prescott and his cronies are brought to account? FFS let's just bring back hanging - I for one would buy a ticket (and the highlights on DVD).

    There, I feel much better now. :x :x :x
  2. If you recall the very first "values & standards" in 1993?(or was it "standards & discipline") the one that said poofs were bad and should be cast out.It was published just before the CDS got caught dipping his adulterous wick in a Tory MP's wife (marginally more acceptable than a Tory MP I suppose) who also happened to be screwing another Tory MP.Leading by example I suppose :) and New Labour have just inherited the tradition
  3. Two Shags Prescott has Tony Bliars fullest confidence and there is no wrong doing.

    He expressed the same sentiments over lots of issues such as:

    April 2006 Peter Law’s 'peerage'
    April 2006 Charles Clarke & the failed deportations
    April 2006 John Prescott's Affair(s)
    April 2006 Cherie Blair’s hairdressing bill
    March 2006 Tessa Jowell & husband
    March 2006 Peerages for Cash
    March 2006 Prescott pays no Council tax
    March 2006 Margaret Beckett’s Royal Flights
    October 2005 Blunkett resigns over links to DNA firm
    October 2005 Cherie Gets £100,000 for “charity” speaking tour
    October 2005 Stephen Byers apologies for lieing over Railtrack
    June 2005 Cherie Opens Shopping centre for Malaysian millionaire
    June 2005 Labour MSP Ken MacIntosh resigns over non declaration of financial interests
    June 2005 Cherie Blair cashes in on Tony’s Washington trip
    March 2005 Labour charges £200 for candidate contact details
    February 2005 Cherie Blair embarks on lucrative Australian speaking tour
    January 2005 Candy Atherton’s researcher digs for gay Tory dirt
    December 2004 Oona King offered £10000 to bed Labour Euro MP
    May 2004 Lord Drayson’s company wins non competitive tender contract after £50,000 donation to Labour
    April 2004 Beverley Hughes resigns over Immigration scandal
    February 2004 Labour criticised by Electoral Commission for late tendering of accounts
    March 2003 Clive Betts MP employed rent boy in House of Commons office
    December 2002 Cherie Blair apologises over links to conman Peter Foster
    September 2002 Labour MP Alan Meale in trouble over deportation case linked to donation
    July 2002 Carphone Warehouse chairman claims Lord Levy tried to nobble a £1 million donation
    May 2002 Stephen Byers resigns from government after various scandals
    May 2002 Tessa Jowell criticises Labour for accepting donation from Richard Desmond
    March 2002 Lakshmi Mittal
    March 2002 Donnygate Doncaster Labour scandal ends in prison for Labour councillors
    February 2002 Arthur Andersen & donations to Labour
    February 2002 Martin Sixsmith forced to resign by Stephen Byers
    February 2002 Jo Moore resigns over ‘burying bad news’ email
    January 2002 Enron accused of buying access to Labour after donation
    December 2001 Keith Vaz criticised by Standards Commissioner over business links
    December 2001 Nigel Griffiths and £40,000 office expenses
    November 2001 Henry McLeish resigns as Scottish First Minister after office expense scandal
    July 2001 Hindujahs receive passports after Labour donation
    January 2001 Buyer of Millennium Dome Robert Bourne accused over donation to Labour
    January 2001 Peter Mandelson resigns for the second time
    July 2000 David Blunkett fails to declare income from rent on his Wimbledon home
    June 2000 Geoffrey Robinson in trouble with Belgian tax authorities
    June 2000 Lord Ali in trouble for using House of Lords as business address
    April 2000 John Prescott fails to disclose benefit of Union owned flat
    January 2000 Geoffrey Robinson faces fraud inquiry over Transtec
    January 2000 Gordon Brown faces Inquiry over flat purchased from Maxwell ruins
    October 1999 Ron Davies goes badger watching
    September 1999 Scottish Labour Party lobbying scandal
    December 1998 Geoffrey Robinson resigns over loaning money to Mandelson
    December 1998 Peter Mandelson resigns over Geoffrey Robinson loan
    October 1998 Ron Davies’s Moment of Madness on Clapham Common
    July 1998 Downing Street adviser Roger Liddle investigatedover lobbying links
    March 1998 Lord Irvine’s £650,000 of wallpaper
    July 1999 Derek Draper & Lobbygate
    August 1998 Robin Cook’s affair with Gaynor Regan exposed
    November 1997 Bernie Eccleston’s £1 million donation investigated
    May 1997 Mohammed Sarwar accused of bribery

    to name but a few!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Mad mac - one important omission - going to war over WMD in Iraq. Just a small one.
  5. I speculate that Mr Prescott has something on Mr Blair, my late Father swore Blair was a homosexual and that Presser had proof hence the fact he appears to be a teflon coated, rose smelling, charmed son of a gun! I like the theory, if only I had the proof! :D
  6. Yes true Blyth, but I could devote a whole page of scandals over the Iraq war business, such as the 10 year out of date students threat assessment used as "up to date intell".

    Also in doubt is UN Security Council authorisation. The phrase the SC use to sanction military action is ‘all necessary means’. The draft resolution — circulated by the USA prior to 1441 — did contain this phrase.

    The Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, advised the government that war on Iraq is legal???? (After much "about turns"). He relies on resolution 678 that authorised force in the last Gulf War in 1990. This authority was ended in 1991 by the ceasefire agreement contained in Resolution 687. Without the amendment to this out of date resolution invasion of Iraq seems legally lacking.

    I agree that this was "unfinished business, but the least HMG could bestow upon us is the common courtesy of not treating us as idiots, but come clean as to its (and the US) true intentions.

    This epitomises this Government hiding behind a facade of a legitimate legal cause whilst treating the tax payer with contempt with regards to this intellectual grasp of the situation.
  7. Wouldn`t surprise me, found a few bits such as:

    He`s doing a good job of shafting almost everyone in this country!!!!
  8. I doubt whether Blair is a homosexual, and quite frankly wouldn't care - unless he tried to make it compulsory. Prescott is the link between the middle class chancers, rogues and trough snouters that make up new labour, and the working class prejudiced pratts that make up old labour. He gives the impression to the politically naive that Labour is the party of the working man, (cue Hovis advert music and Monty Python sketch about 'Ow 'ard we 'ad it). He also knows where the metaphorical bodies are buried.
  9. I agree on all points less the homosexual drivel, oh and the strange bits on vampires... 8O

    The problem is the wilder these acccusations get (homosexuality etc) the easier it is for them to be pushed away as spurious and libelous and the less chance there is of scoring a hit on the unspeakable one (Bliar).

    What is neeeded is someone to hold him and his government to account in one go based upon all their past and present failings. The lists are out there ladies and gentlemen (the press, opposition MPs), go on!

  10. How about a cross comparison of the Army's updated (MATT) Values & Standards package versus Labour conduct by the press?

  11. Sounds like an ideal plan - maybe we should commission Cherie (The Wide Mouthed Frog) to conduct an impartial review! 8O
  12. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Aye but have we a spare couple of million to pay her to do it?
  13. I would pay quite a bit to take her through the APWT bit of MATTs; I would even give her the best (100m) vantage point from which to check it all out.
  14. That needn't be a problem we can either pretend it's for a good cause such as - one legged, black, single parent, lesbian librarians against the Army


    We can just knock it off her next tax bill for smuggling necklaces from abroad.
  15. Unfortunately,you will get those loyal Labour supporters voting for Phoney Tony and his Muppets and the Labour party every time because their tiny brains tell them to do so.