How many more? The difference between 2012 or 2014

My opinion is that we are wasting our time and British lives on a medieval shithole that will be the same same in 50 years time, never mind another two. Can anybody tell me what we will gain by staying till September 2014 as opposed to leaving asap, for example Sept 2012.
Why the fcuk are we there? How many Al quada attacks on the UK have come fron Afghan?... None! Ok so they had their training bases there many moons ago, the training bases were wiped out in 2004 and satellites and drones are more than capable of stopping them from reforming! Not only that but Mr bogeyman bin Laden now sleeps with the fishes. These were the original Blairite goals for our troops being in Afghan - mission accomplished. Then came missioncreep and gung-ho politician vanity!! My heart goes out to the families of the 404 British fatalities and the countless wounded but the sooner Cameron wakes up and brings our lads are home the better!
Many will say lets not forget the 404 but why, why, why should any more, British die or get hurt in vain?
I'm open minded to logic so can Somebody explain to me what we will achieve if we stay another 2yrs that we haven't achieved already. FFS What are our lads dying & loosing limbs for??
Bottom line -These brave men are recruited and trained to be fighting for Britain not a foreign land - If our vainglorious politicians could grasp this fact the world would be a better place.

Sorry Dads.




Its more of a Facebook post really, except it doesn't finish with "copy and paste" etc

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