How many miles?

At the moment I row for 2km,run for 2.5km and then cycle for 6km. I know this is not enough and I was just wondering could anyone shed some light on how much I realistically should be doing before I have a crack at AOSB? I'm more concerned over the running as I'm going to stop the other two soon enough to concentrate primarily on running. Thanks for your help!
try for 7 minute miles or less for the whole run.
In all seriousness:

The running test at AOSB is a multi-stage fitness test, which is theoretically equivalent to a 1.5 mile run - that's 2.4km in new money. So carry on doing what you're doing now, as long as the 2.5k run takes you about 10 minutes or less then you'll be fine.

Oh, and do some press-ups and sit-ups too.
Step 1: Go do a bleep test. Your local gym will be able to sort one out or google bleep test, download it to your mp3, don't forget it's over twenty metres.

If you get the 10.2 then your good for your briefing and board. Hurry up and do them.

(I advise doing them over 21 metres, and aim to get to 10.5 for a bit of safety)

Step 2: Go do a timed mile and a half. I have not heard about people doing many bleep tests but a lot of timed runs when it comes to Sandhurst. 10:30 minimum, 9:30 is really what you want to shoot for.

Overall if you can do the required times, why run more?

If you cannot do the required times then a gradual increase in everything should do. If you go from only running a bit to suddenly running 10 miles a day you will be down and out with an injury very quickly.

Sandhurst is not full of solely marathon runners, the question "should I run more?" Is pointless, go do a bleep test and a mile run and then you have your own answer if you need to do more phys.
Perhaps I can add to this a little...

As previously state the how far is far enough is a bit subjective. While there are baseline fitness tests which you must pass, more generally you should be as fit as possible in order to perform the best you can.

Given that you are aiming at AOSB followed by Sandhurst at the moment, depending on how much to you have, I would recommend getting yourself on a fitness programme of one sort or another. Ideally you want to be able to pass the PFT (press ups, sit ups and 2.4km run, standards for your age are widely available on t'interweb). Depending in which bit of the army you aspire to commission into, then you may need to be fitter still to be competitive for a space. I would recommend you get a copy of a book called Fighting Fit by Adrian Weale (couple of quid on Amazon), this has a few training plans and guidance tailored to potential soldiers, I've used them and they are quite good. If you don't fancy that, there are plenty of good and less good training plans available online, the difficulty is that few are geared to military fitness. As a basic rule of thumb, you should be doing a 45-50min run four days a week, take one day off, do one fast run or fartlek of about 30-45mins and one long slow run of between 60-90mins.

Edited to add: cycling, swimming, etc. make good low impact alternatives to running. By all means substitute in these for a running session from time to time, but ultimately you will need to run (a lot!)
I remember a very old Sandhurst pamphlet that recommended something like being able to do 6 miles in 45-50 minutes before starting the commissioning course...
I remember a very old Sandhurst pamphlet that recommended something like being able to do 6 miles in 45-50 minutes before starting the commissioning course...
That would sound about right, but most should be able to go quicker. 6 miles is just under 10km, I would suggest a potential officer in his early 20s should be aiming for 10km in about 42-47 mins and probably a PB under 40 mins for those aspiring towards the teeth arms.

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