How many meant what they said?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by RCSignals, Nov 9, 2004.

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  1. This US election (as in the last one) many of the Hollywood "elite" said they would leave the country if their boy wasn't elected. (seems kind of childish and goes against their cries of a democratic process, every vote counts etc.)
    So far the only one that I've heard of who has said he's really going, is Robert Redford. Going to his place in Ireland.
    What about the others, Baldwin, Rosie, etc?
    Didn't even Mikey Moore say he would leave?
    Was it just more rhetoric? (or would that be Moore rhetoric? :lol: )
  2. They'll do the same as Paul Daniels did ages ago. Look at the courage of their convictions and decide they haven't any 8O
  3. I'll say the same thing I thought last time, If they want to leave, let 'em leave, then don't let em back in! :evil: It's one thing to complain about a person b/c you don't like how they do things, it's another to threaten to leave a country because you want things run your way or the highway. These SOB's wouldn't know the real meaning of democracy if it knocked the shit outta them.

    The countrie's voters have spoken, now get behind the person who was elected. :evil: (Yes, I would be saying the same thing if Kerry had been elected, regardless of how much of an asshole he is.)
  4. They may leave but Ill put a pound to pinch of salt they still base themselves in the US to pay less tax. :evil:
  5. Didn't a load of 'celebs' here say they'll do the same thing if Labour came to power..... and they've been here eight years now....

    All mouth, no action :wink: :)
  6. Let the tossers go. I heard that Hanoi Jane Fonda has been nominated as one of the "Women of the Century" bloody traitors. Hollywood wasn't always so unpatriotic though scores of them enlisted and fought in WW2 and more than a few in the Korean War.
  7. 307

    307 War Hero

    The world seems to slowly be losing it's spine sadly, slowly but surely, people need to remember, 'All thats needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing'. It sickens me some of the crap that a lot of the people who owe their right to spout such shite to the forces, come out with. The media is largely to blame for this, they only report the negative of forces and structure reports in sucha way to make the forces look bad, without actually saying it. Just had a discussion about this, and it really gets my back up. Sky News seem the best of the lot.
  8. I totally agree with you comments. Rupert Murdoch (Newscorp /Fox) has a lot to answer for. If there was no media involvment there would be no hostages pleading for their lives or filmed beheadings etc... thus terrorists would lose alot of their power. The media is the root of all evil.
  9. In some ways yes but if there wasnt a market to sell this crap they wouldnt sell it, for example:
    Mrs Skjold" I think its terrible the way the papers chase after famous people."
    SK: "yeah me to,what are you going to do this evening"
    Mrs Skjold" Read the latest copy of OK,HELLO"
  10. Famous people are another story... my opinion famous people are public property...the common person makes them rich and famous therefore they should stop whinging or get out of the profession.

    The first time war was televised in real time was Vietnam. I remember the execution of a vietnamese young man, which was shown on TV. I was a child and it still haunts me in my 30s.
  11. Scarlett said:
    That famous footage of the execution of the vietcong prisoner by the South Vietnamese Army General was recorded in 1966. If you were any older than 2 at the time you would now be in your 40s.
  12. I stand corrected

    ... but either way it was still televised and I saw it as a child.
  13. I remenber the Newscasts in real time. I think some of the subsequent showings of those imagages are actually worse. Perhaps because they are usually part of some "special" and not in the same context
  14. War scars us all in some way... I wish kids didn't have to see it.
    I have never seen the the execution again. I refuse to
  15. The problem now is that many a youngster who stumbles across a news broadcast is that they 'wont see it as real people dying but see it as competing with reality TV, PS2/X box games'. Context, immunity and de sensitivity to the world at large.

    Getting back to my fav subject. The USA. You allow, regardless of your political leanings, members of a profession who get paid a large sum of money to pretend to be someone else. I.e. actors. You even let one them lead your country. I find that culture quite bizarre. In the real world of the planet earth, it would be like us electing Lewis Collins or the bloke out of the Krankies to have an opinion or voice in how I lived my life. Quite disturbing. I can actually see a bit of a divide though. The types that wish war on all members of the human race, the death to all that wear a dodgy beard and do not donate to an online/TV evangelical organisation/Bush voters and those pansies in the West of your country who wear make up for a living in Hollywood. Call me a bluff old traditionalist but I cannot fathom the difference between all members of the former penal colony known as The French free Western colony and the current squatters of the White house (twice removed/burnt by the Brave red coats of the British Empire).

    For a country that bases its policy on Sesame Street, you’ve not done too bad but I'll wager ten guineas that 'Arnie' will set up his pad in das weiße Haus due to the trailer trash populace agreeing that '5hit, if the guy can act, he’s sure to be a top leader'. As GWB was elected due to his intellect and charisma.