how many made a change of trade when they left?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Ali_Gee, Jan 8, 2006.

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  1. I was a sapper and knew of a lot of guys who had a trade when they left but went on to do something completely different, like a plant operator who became a copper, plumber who's now a facilities manager, in fact, i struggle to think of anyone who continued in the same line of work. Did ANYONE carry on in the same trade as the army trained them in?
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Bit difficult to be a grunt in civ div as lying in peoples hedges and taking photos of them is frowned upon unless you are in the MET. I was 7 years an Infantryman and retired to work in Engineering and became engineering manager and lately project manager. Pretty much a SNCO type job or perhaps an OC type role, you know given a remit and plan how and who will do the job and when! Piece of urine really!
  3. i trained as a Mechanic in the army and went onto Mechanical Engineering when i left. Similar i suppose to an extent. The job i do now is probably easier than being a mechanic really and they pay me a damn site more!
  4. I was trained in Electronics (Telecoms) in the REME and am still in Electronics now (albeit Simulation) 25 years after leaving the Corps - best trade training that there is, in my opinion.
  5. Still doing the same job as I was when I was i (Systems Engineer) and still working for MOD, better wedge, Company Car and no duties.
  6. Lynx Pilot/Ops Watchkeeper to Ballast Control Room Operator on drilling rigs. The reason? Why not try something different?
  7. I was a Clerk if Works in the Sappers when I left I set up my own business installing burglar alarms for 5 years, then 2 years as a national operations manager for the countries biggest home improvement company. Binned that afte a couple of years and now work in building control. Every job I have had the experience gained in 22 years as an RE was cited as a major element in taking me on. Surprised me too but bulls...t really does bafle brains with civvies.

    A good line is "I can't go into details that is still classified"

    No regrets for time in the Army but no regrets about leaving either :lol:
  8. Medic in hospitals now a Locksmith much better and easier life.
  9. Was a driver in the army but became a hydaraulic hose fitter on leaving. Then a fish farmer but now back driving/releif manager. Money,s not too bad & a lot less stress.

    Regards LT.
  10. I was a Radio operator whilst in, now I make sneaky telco kit for sneaky people!

    You aint seen me right!
  11. RE Sparkie when in, then did Establishment Works Consultant for three years, now a Tech Offr (M&E) on a RAF Airfield, far less hassle and more beer tokens! :lol:
  12. I was an Engineer signaller (If the PSO hadn't forced me into that trade I may never had left...) and now I'm studying to become a Psychologist. And unbelievably there are at least three students I know off who are doing the same and are ex-Army. There may be more, as there are around about 1000 undergraduates studying in my department.
  13. I was CO of the SAS and am now a major male porn star.....

    yes nurse, I know - red pills in the morning :wink:
  14. VM, now a Construction Safety Advisor at Heathrow
  15. I am a VM currently serving and though I love engineering I have about had enough with the Army and need to do what is best for my family. Went down to the local AEC, and had a look for jobs but i seem to be under qualified for this kind of thing in civvy street. Were any more qualifications needed for anyone to continue in the same line of work or had the army provided you with all you need?