How many languages can you be vulgar in ?



I can fluently do 2, one in English, and this: "Verpisst dich du alter Votzen leckender Eitersack" (only joking Cig)

Other than that, I tend to rely on Braille.


Gabh suas ort féin - Irish for "Go Fcuk yourself" ... comes in handy for letting pikies know what you think of them in Belfast. Can also get by with a few words of spanish and french.

Some Indian boys taught me a few phrases of Hindi (I think it was anyway) once... then told me to go over to their mate and say it... still haven't the foggiest what I was saying but the guy looked shocked enough! haha
Gwal ookh-raa sodar.

Fuck knows how you spell the rest that I know but I can pretty much get you murdered if fancy a trip to Pakistan or are 'going to a wedding' in Afghanistan

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